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Hitachi C7SB2 vs C7SB3 Review

Circular saws are essential tools for many construction sites as well as woodworking shops. Hitachi offers two excellent models, the C7SB2 and the C7SB3, to meet the needs of both settings. We will compare the two based on speed, blade, and weight. We will base our recommendation on project needs.

Hitachi C7SB2

Hitachi C7SB2

The Hitachi C7SB2 is a 15 A, 7 ¼-inch circular saw. Its 15-amp motor is excellent for cutting OSB, 2 x 4s, and plywood as well as other common framing materials.

It has a bevel capacity ranging from 0 to 55 degrees. Its adjustable lever has stops at 0 degrees, 45 degrees, and 55 degrees. This presents you with a wide range of beveling options. Your blade is kept accurate by the adjustable lever locking it into place at the desired angle. There is a blade guard to protect your hands during these angled cuts as well as a spindle lock that provides extra security.

The base of the saw is made of heavy-duty die-cast aluminum alloy. It has easy-to-read front and side scales that offer accuracy of measurement.  This saw also has a non-slip grip handle, maximizing your comfort as well as control over the cutting process.

The C7SB2’s motor is a single-phase motor. It’s 120 V and 15 A, generating a no-load speed of 5800 RPM and an output of up to 2100 watts.

The 7 ¼-inch blade is 24-tooth and carbide-tipped. It has a 5/8-inch arbor, powering through difficult cuts with ease. At 45 degrees, the depth of its cut is 1 27/32 inches and at 90 degrees, the depth of its cut is 2 3/8 inches. The cutting depth lever allows you to easily select which depth you need for the job you are working on, addingconvenience, and facilitating ease of use.

It only weighs 10.1 pounds, making it easy to maneuver and transport. The carbon brush is very easy to access, allowing you to replace it as needed to prolong the life of the circular saw.

The saw comes with a carbide-tipped blade, carrying case, and 10 mm wrench.

Hitachi C7SB3

Hitachi C7SB3

The Hitachi C7SB3 comes with a 24-tooth blade for framing and ripping, a hex bar wrench, and a carrying bag.

Like the C7SB2, the C7SB3 features a powerful 15-amp motor and a 7 ¼-inch blade. They both also feature a single-piece heavy-duty die-cast aluminum alloy base. The C7SB3, however, is more lightweight and has a faster no-load speed but does not come with a carbide-tipped blade.

The C7SB3 offers a no-load speed of 6000 RPM for faster, smoother, burn-free cuts. It’s ideal for cutting typical framing materials like OSB, 2 x 4s, plywood, and LVL. You will have the most precise cuts, and the blade will make quick work of the material you are cutting. The unit is 9.5 pounds, making it very lightweight, and preventing less fatigue during use.

Its angle can be adjusted from 0 degreesto 55 degrees. At 45 degrees, the saw’s cutting capacity is 1 7/8 inches and at 90 degrees, it’s 2 7/16 inches. This means you can easily cut thicker pieces of wood like wooden beams and 2 x 2s.  The saw features an adjustable cutting depth option, allowing you to accurately adjust the blade’s depth to make shallower or deeper cuts. This is controlled by a lever at the back end of the saw.

The saw also features an integrated dust blower that clears the work area to keep your line of sight clear. It has a comfortable handle that allows for ease of use and better accuracy of cuts. This also allows for comfortable use over extended periods.

The C7SB3 can work on metal pieces but you will need to switch to a carbide-tipped blade, which is not included with the saw. Changing the blade is a relatively simple process and is done through the use of the included hex wrench.

Our Recommendation

Both circular saws offer awesome benefits for the user. You will find that the C7SB2 offers you excellent blade speed, light unit weight, and excellent depth adjustability for cuts. We recommend this saw for professionals and use in woodshops.

On the other hand, the C7SB3 offers faster blade speeds, lighter weight, and an integrated dust blower. We recommend this saw for professionals and woodshop owners who need more precision and maneuverability.

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