JUKI DNU-1541 vs 1541S Review

Walking foot sewing machines are durable and reliable and are packed with lots of handy features. These machines can help yousew through tough and thick materials and save you from putting a lot of effort into the process. For this reason, we have done a comparison of JUKI DNU-1541 vs 1541S which are one of the best walking foot sewing machines.

JUKI is a well-known brand- it manufactures a variety of household and industrial sewing machines. The company uses high-precision and advanced technology for a high quality sewing experience. The sewing machines we are going to review in this post are user-friendly and are good for beginners and professionals both.

JUKI DNU-1541 review


If you’re looking for a walking foot single needle and straight stitch industrial machine, the JUKI DNU 1541 is the right one for you. This sewing machine is good for heavy-duty projects. It has a compact design and comes pre-assembled along with a detailed instruction manual. The components are packed in properly sealed boxes. The table comes partially assembled and the machine head has to be mounted on this table.

The machine uses a dual-tension mechanism which is really helpful in high-tension sewing. It uses a 750-watt single phase industrial clutch servomotor which has to be powered by a 110V power source. It also features movable presser foot with high walk mechanism that prevents the roping and puckering effect that is caused when working with welt cords.

The JUKI sewing machine uses rectangular feed motion that makes sure that the needle pierces the workpiece at a perpendicular and straight angle. This feature is really helpful in making the irregular stitches even on a long work piece. The machine also features a built-in bobbin winder along with a built-in synchronizer hub. Also, it features an automatic lubrication system so there’s no need to oil the machine.

The JUKI sewing machine offers a motor speed that allows 2500 stitches per minute and the maximum stitch length is 9mm backward/forward. The hook is horizontal-axis full rotary double capacity type. Overall, the machine is very comfortable to use because of the adjustable feet lift and it operates very quietly too.

JUKI DNU-1541S review


The JUKI DNU-1541S is a heavy duty machine and it is equipped with all the features that the DNU-1541 has. However, the ‘S’ in the 1541S represents the ‘safety clutch’ which shows that this model has a safety clutch. The safety clutch in this machine is provided to prevent any damage to the machine in case you jam the needle or some other error occurs.

The DNU-1541S can work on tough fabrics just like the 1541, but the added feature is that it has a safety clutch. With this safety clutch, the machine stops working automatically whether the issue is internal or external. This makes sure that the machine doesn’t break and is saved on time. It is a user-friendly machine, is suitable for heavy and tough fabrics, and is lot safer than other walking foot sewing machines out there.

Just like the 1541 sewing machine, the 1541S offers a maximum sewing speed of 2500 stitches per minute and a maximum stitch length of 9 mm.

The JUKI DNS-1541S is designed to be used for projects that have multiple layers of thick materials to be sewed. It easily runs over thicker gauges and multiple folds of various materials. It is durable and features high foot lift. Similar to 1541, this machine also features adjustability which gives you more control on your sewing projects. The adjustability feature also helps the machine adjust in terms of speed- you can adjust it according to your skill level.

Our recommendation:

The JUKI walking foot sewing machines reviewed in this post offer super speed and are one of the best industrial grade professional ones. They have an automatic feed system and a reverse feed system that help you go through the tough projects with ease. We also appreciate the self-lubricating system that keeps the machine oiled without any efforts at the user’s end.

We know that you’re looking forward to choose one walking foot sewing machine, that’s why we did a comparison of JUKI DNU-1541 vs 1541S. Both of these sewing machines are packed with same features and specs. We recommend JUKI DNU-1541S because it has all the features of JUKI DNU-1541 with an added safety clutch feature. On the other hand, the 1541 is slightly lesser in price but lacks a safety clutch.

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