Singer M1500 vs M2100 Review

Singer sewing machines are the best ones available for basic sewing projects. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to improve your sewing skills, the Singer machines will help you do your job easily. With the latest Singer machines, you don’t have to worry about threading, using food pedal, or tying the thread after sewing because these are automatic and are equipped with advanced features.

The Singer machines are available in a variety of types, but here we are going to do a comparison of Singer M1500 vs M2100. Both of these Singer sewing machines are feature-packed- they are good for beginners and are powerful enough for experts too.

Singer M1500 Sewing Machine

Singer M1500
Singer M1500

The Singer M1500 is a portable and affordable basic machine designed especially for the beginners. The machine is an excellent choice for those who are just about to start their sewing journey. The machine consists of heavy-duty metal frame that gives it a tough and sturdy feel. The solid frame also prevents the machine from moving while in use.

The Singer machine is very easy to setup and it also comes pre-threaded. There is a storage area at the front of the machine that incudes accessories. The machine features 6 different stitch types: scallop, sating, blind hem, buttonhole, straight, and zigzag. There is an instruction manual which has detailed diagrammed instructions for each stitch.

The machine uses class 15 bobbins and includes 4 such bobbins. The bobbin is front loading on this machine and for this purpose the needle should be fully raised. The thread tension dial is present just above the needle area. The machine also provides free arm sewing for cuffs, sleeves, pants etc. There are total 57 stitch applications which you can use for various types of sewing projects.

The M1500 has three presser feet: all-purpose zigzag foot, zipper foot, and buttonhole foot. To create a buttonhole, you need to follow an easy 4 step process. While you work on a project, there is an LED light that illuminates the workspace. This is very handy as it provides good lighting for dark fabric or stitches. Another important feature of this machine is the twin needle sewing that allows you to have two parallel lines of stitches.

Singer M2100 Sewing Machine


The Singer M2100 sewing machine is a compact one which makes it ideal for sewing in small spaces. It is lightweight and portable too, just like the M1500. The machine has a heavy duty metal frame which makes it durable and long-lasting.

The M2100 also comes pre-threaded so that you start with your project easily. The machine offers easy 8-stitch types as compared to M1500 that offers 6-stitch types. The M2100 also features 63 stitch applications which is more than the number of stitch applications offered by the M1500. Just like M1500, this sewing machine has a front loading bobbin too. The bobbin is of class 15 and making buttonholes is just a 4-step process.

The Singer M2100 offers quick and easy threading because of preset stitch length and width. The 8 built-in stitches include different types of stitches for basic and decorative sewing. This sewing machine also features three presser feet just like the M1500. There is an LED lighting system that keeps the area illuminated so that you complete your project with ease on the full-size sewing area. The M2100 also features reverse sewing lever similar to the M1500 so that seam is secured.

Our recommendation

The Singer sewing machines continue to evolve in order to meet the expectations of modern age’s sewing enthusiasts. In the comparison of Singer M1500 vs M2100, we discovered that both machines are simple yet feature-packed machines for beginners and hobbyists both. These machines are lightweight, affordable, and easy to use.

However, since we have to choose one, our recommendation is the Singer M2100 sewing machine. The sewing machine offers more stitch types and stitch applications as compared to the Singer M1500. All other features and specs are almost similar to M1500 but we get more stitch applications from M2100 with a slight increase in price.

The M1500 on the other hand is more affordable as compared to the M2100. The machine is really helpful for beginners as it is packed with easy-to-use features. Once you have developed the sewing skills, you can upgrade to another model depending on your requirements.

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