Makita EK6101X2 vs Makita EK6101 vs Husqvarna Husqvarna 967181002 Review

Power cutters, also known as cut-off saws, are essential tools for cutting concrete, masonry, asphalt, and steel. Emergency responders use them to slice open wrecked cars. Let’s look at three best-selling cut-off saws to see which one best fits your work.

Makita EK6101X2 14″ 61 cc Power Cutter with Diamond Blade

Makita EK6101X2
Makita EK6101X2

The typical Makita power tools may not have the raw power of other brands, but they tend to have compact and efficient designs. That’s true in the case of the Makita EK6101X2 power cutter when compared to the Husqvarna K760. At 19.6 pounds, it weighs less, it consumes less fuel, and you can go a while longer between air filter changes.

Makita explains that their Stratified Air Scavenging system reduces gas consumption by recovering un-burned fuel in the exhaust. And the cyclonic air intake gets rid of more sawdust and debris so the filter stays cleaner for longer.

While you’ll have to pull the cord to start the cutter, similar to a chainsaw, it doesn’t take a lot of force. This easy ignition is due to the built-in capacitor with start support right under the pull cord handle. There is also a transparent primer bulb for cold starts, and an on/off choke switch.

While the EK6101X2 saw is running, it’s pretty quiet for a power cutter, reaching only 97dB of noise. It has a two-stroke 61cc engine with 4.4Hp that makes quick work of slicing curbs, brick, I-beams, and metal decks. And this particular model, the X2, comes with a blade, unlike the EK6101 base model below. With it, the maximum cutting depth is 5-1/8-inches.

The included Diamond blade is labeled “dual purpose” for cutting concrete and asphalt. It has a steel core with an abrasive diamond coating. Since it abrades while it cuts, the stock and blade will get very hot. When you use a water hose with the saw, it has a water pressure control knob that lets you adjust the flow.

More features of the Makita EK6101X2 power cutter:

  • Fuel mixture 50:1; the tank holds 23.6 ounces and has a transparent window
  • Makita offers a 1-year limited warranty against defects
  • Comes with adapter ring, carburetor screwdriver, universal wrench, Torx wrench, and 14-inch segmented Diamond blade


Makita EK6101 14-Inch 61 CC Power Cutter

Makita EK6101
Makita EK6101

The Makita EK6101 base model doesn’t come with a blade in the box, and that’s the only difference between it and the EK6101X2 above. If you cut asphalt and concrete, you may find that the X2 will save you money. Otherwise, Makita sells a range of 14-inch blades for metal and masonry cutting, and they all fit this saw.






More features of the Makita EK6101 power cutter:

  • Fuel mixture 50:1; the tank holds 23.6 ounces and has a transparent window
  • Makita offers a 1-year limited warranty against defects
  • Comes with adapter ring 20mm to 1-inch, carburetor screwdriver, universal wrench, Torx wrench, but no cutting blade is included


Husqvarna 967181002 K 760 II 14-inch Gas Cut-Off Saw

Husqvarna Husqvarna 967181002
Husqvarna Husqvarna 967181002

While you’re likely to see Makita power cutters at job sites, you might find the Husqvarna K 760 II in the hands of rescue workers, not just contractors. It can slice through materials as diverse as concrete, asphalt, steel, plastic, and wood. And the K 760 II has some improvements over the original K 760 saw.

For one, it uses less water because it has a progressive water valve. This means you’ll create less slurry and less mess as you work.

And the new X-Torq 5Hp engine has a feature called SmartCarb, which saves fuel even while working at top power. Plus, its noise is reduced by 25% because of the larger muffler. But the K 760 II, at 115dB, is still louder than the Makita EK6101. You’ll need hearing protection while using this tool.

The new K 760 II is easier to start with its digital ignition and durable starter cord. Husqvarna sealed the starter unit, drive belt, and transmission to protect them against dust, meaning you shouldn’t have to do any maintenance on them yourself.

The design is also very user-friendly. With the reversible cutting arm, you can get up close to walls or the ground to cut material. And the large handles have plenty of space for thick gloves and big hands. You can also keep an eye on the fuel level with the built-in indicator on the tank.

When you switch off the engine, the blade retarder slows the blade quickly so you don’t need to lose time waiting to move to the next piece to cut. The maximum cutting depth of the Husqvarna K 760 II is 5 inches, just a hair less than the Makita EK6101.

In conclusion, this saw is made to protect the user from fatigue. It weighs 21.6 pounds, and that’s about average for this kind of power tool. (But it is heavier than the Makita EK6101.) When the saw is running, it’s been rated for a 2.4m/s2 vibration level at both the front and rear handles. Less vibration means less risk of nerve damage with prolonged use.

More features of Husqvarna K760 cut-off saw:

  • Husqvarna offers a 1-year limited warranty
  • Saw measures 23.66 x 8.86 x 16.26 inches in size
  • Replaceable arbor bushing
  • T-wrench for blade changes stores on-board the saw



Which power cutter is better for your work? Let’s review the details here. To begin, the Makita EK6101X2 and EK6101 are the same saw, so we’ll refer to them as the EK6101. If you prefer to purchase a blade separately, get the EK6101 base model. Otherwise, the dual purpose blade that comes with the X2 can cut both asphalt and concrete.

The Makita power cutter is two pounds lighter than the Husqvarna K 760 II. It’s also quieter than the Husqvarna while operating, and has 1/8-inch deeper cutting depth.

On the other hand, the Husqvarna K 760 II has a sealed starter unit and transmission, cutting down on the amount of maintenance the user needs to do. (Of course, this could mean it requires a Husqvarna-approved mechanic down the road.) The K 760 II has a blade retarder to save time between cuts, and it has a reversible cutting arm that allows the user to get in close. And Husqvarna has posted the vibration rating for the cut-off saw allowing you to see if it means the requirements you have.

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