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Makita 2414DB vs 2414NB Review

Miter saws are convenient for carpentry, but chop saws are best for cutting steel rebar, pipe, and angle stock. Makita produced two versions of their 14-inch portable cut-off saw. We’re going to review them both to see which one will be the best for you.

Makita 2414DB

Makita 2414DB

Makita 2414NB

Makita 2414NB









Makita 2414DB 14-Inch Portable Cut-Off Saw

The Makita 2414DB cut-off saw is portable because it’s compact and only weighs 36 pounds. It comes with an AC/DC switch so it can run off what Makita calls “alternative power sources,” not just a wall socket. Of course, since it has a 15amp motor, that means you’ll want a powerful generator.

As for portability, you can use the built-in chain to secure the tool’s head in the down position. Then use the handle on top of the head (not the pistol grip) to carry the saw.

The manufacturer points out that the 2414DB can cut round pipes or other stock at an angle of 45-degrees. This is a useful feature since many chop saws only do vertical cuts. The fence is what makes this feat possible. It adjusts 45 degrees left or right, and it automatically accommodates materials in three different sizes. You’ll need the included wrench to loosen the hex bolts and adjust the fence’s angle.

The maximum cut depth is 4.5-inches, and that’s also for round stock. But you can slice through metals, woods, and plastics with ease, making this an essential tool for cutting pipes or trusses.

The saw comes with a 14-inch abrasive wheel, or blade, that spins up to 3800rpm. It will throw sparks while it cuts metal. There is a diversion guard that will keep most of them directed away from you while you work. At the factory, Makita installs the spark guard touching the base of the saw. You’ll need a screwdriver to adjust the guard to the best position for your work.

The D-shaped handle is large enough for gloved hands to hold. It’s also positioned like a pistol grip with a trigger for stable control over the wheel. There is a lock-off button that will keep you, or someone else, from starting up the saw unexpectedly. This switch is conveniently located on the handle where you can reach it with your thumb.

If you wish to change the abrasive wheel, just hit the shaft lock button and use the socket wrench that comes in the box. The wrench stores on the base so you can find it in a hurry. That’s a thoughtful touch since you’ll need this tool for changing wheels and adjusting the fence.

When you want to cut new stock, you’ll see that the vise grip is simple to release and close again. You won’t have to spend time screwing down the next piece. There is also an adjustable depth stop you can set to help you repeat the same cut.

For best results, Makita recommends securing the 2414DB to a stand or workbench using the bolt holes pre-drilled in the saw’s base. The stopper plate on the base is adjustable so you can protect your work surface but still get the most from a wheel that’s wearing down.

One final note: there is no electric brake on the 2414DB. Plan on turning off the tool once your cut has finished, then wait until the wheel halts before you raise it up off the stock.

More features of the Makita 2414DB Cut-off Saw:

  • Makita offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year limited warranty.
  • Comes with socket wrench, AC/DC switch, and 14-inch abrasive wheel.
  • Measures 19.75-inches long.
  • The user can change the motor’s carbon brushes with a screwdriver.


Makita 2414NB 14-Inch Portable Cut-Off Saw

Why might you choose the Makita 2414NB over the 2414DB? You might find it on sale since it’s been discontinued by Makita. The 2414DB described above is the replacement. They are essentially the same tool with the same features.

More features of the Makita 2414DB Cut-off Saw:

  • Makita offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year limited warranty
  • Comes with socket wrench, AC/DC switch, and 14-inch abrasive wheel



If you want a cut-off chop saw for metal stock up to 4-1/2-inches in size, and you need to perform both 45-degree and 90-degree cuts, you’ll find that both the Makita 2414DB and the 2414NB are up to the task. The advantage of the 2414DB is that it is the current model, not discontinued like the 2414NB.

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