Makita XSH06PT vs XSR01PT Review

Cordless saws add a level of convenience to any woodworking operation. Having one that is powerful and lightweight makes the job significantly easier. Makita offers two models, the XSH06PT and XSR01PT, that offer these features. We will base our recommendation on project needs.

Makita XSH06PT

Makita XSH06PT

The Makita XSH06PT offers an easily attached dust port that requires just one screw. You can connect to your vacuum while cutting to ensure that your workspace stays clean.

The kit comes with a dual-port Rapid Optimum charging station. It features active airflow that allows these batteries to cool and charge faster than standard chargers. You can fully charge two 5.0 Ah batteries in as little as 45 minutes.

This saw features a Makita-built BL motor. Its brushless motor ensures you will have lower maintenance, longer life, longer runtime, and greater power. It offers speed change technology that allows for changing the speed and torque while under a load for optimal performance.

Additionally, the saw is powered by two 18 V batteries for 36 V of combined power. It features automatic speed change, an electric brake, and onboard and on battery charge level indicators. It does not come with a rafter hook, but you can purchase one separately so that you can easily store this saw. Also, it features an LED light to illuminate dark workspaces.

The blade diameter is 7 ¼ inches. The maximum cut depth at 90 degrees is 2 5/8 inches and at 45 degrees is 1 13/16 inches. Its no-load speed is 6000 RPM. It measures 13 ½ inches and weighs 10.9 pounds with the batteries and blade.

For maximum productivity it features an electric brake. Combining durability with less weight, the saw is a combination of die-cast magnesium and die-cast aluminum.

The XSH06PT operates on two 18 V LXT lithium-ion batteries that are included in the kit. These batteries offer maximum performance and work in conjunction with the brushless motor.Additionally, the motor matches RPM and torque to the application.

Makita XSR01PT

Makita XSR01PT

The Makita XSR01PT offers a rear handle design with a left blade orientation. It offers a no-load speed of 5100 RPM.

When you compare the XSR01PT to the XSH06PT, you’ll find that it weighs more at 12.67 pounds when both batteries are inserted. The two models are similar in that they offer a mix of magnesium and aluminum to keep them both on the lighter side of things.

The XSR01PT’s weight is just heavy enough to ensure its stability when you are cutting material but light enough to ensure that it still glides easily.

Its handle is rounded over in the traditional style with a rubber overmold. Additionally, the trigger is a single-finger design.

The blade height and bevel adjustments work perfectly. The adjustments and locks function beautifully. With the flip of a dial, you can have bevel stops at 22.5 degrees or 45 degrees before securely locking it into place.

At a 90-degree cut, the cutting capacity is 2 9/16 inches while at a 45-degree cut, the cutting capacity is 1 ¾ inch. Additionally, at a maximum of 53 degrees, the cutting capacity is 1 ½ inch.

The saw features an extra-wide rafter hook for storage. However, Makita has placed it in an odd spot as it is in the way of the batteries. You will have to flip it to install or remove the batteries.

In addition to the battery gauge on the batteries themselves, the saw comes with an onboard indicator. You can check the status of both batteries with just one button.

The saw does not come with an LED light or a cut line blower. If you are working in an area with significant lighting, the lack of an LED won’t be a problem. However, the saw puts out a significant amount of sawdust, especially on deeper, longer cuts. The lack of a blower can end up being a serious complication.

Our Recommendation

Clearly, both saws offer excellent features. The XSH06PT provides a dust port, an LED light, and speed change technology to change speed and torque under a load. We recommend this saw for professionals and DIYers.

On the other hand, the XSR01PT does not have a dust port or an LED light and offers lower speeds. We recommend this model for DIYers.

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