Makita BSS610Z vs BSS611Z Review

In the recent past, saws have gradually developed from ordinary manual saw to a modern motor saw that makes work done faster and accurately. The modern power saws come with advanced features that promote faster task accomplishment. One can be assured of excellent work done or positive results achieved when they use the Makita BSS610Z and BSS611Z power saws. They deliver cordless cutting power while at the jobsite, thanks to their sharp circular saws. You can easily determine which power saw is mostly appropriate for your given task when you take advantage of the following product review.

Makita BSS610Z
Makita BSS610Z
Makita BSS611Z
Makita BSS611Z









Makita BSS610Z

We will begin with the Makita BSS610Z in this product comparison review. This product is well-known for faster cutting and ripping through wood since it delivers 3,700 RPM. With a compact design and a Makita-built high-torque motor, this product also comes with other interesting features. It is much way better than an ordinary saw because it is specially designed to accomplish huge tasks at a reasonable time with much accuracy for smooth cutting.


  • 3-year warranty on tools only, although batteries are not included;
  • Built-in dust blower to help in keeping debris away from the line of cut;
  • Built-in LED to ensure clear vision of the working area;
  • 7.1 pounds, ergonomic compact design to help the operator reduce fatigue; and
  • Makita-built motor drivers that provide 3,700 RPM to ensure faster, accurate and smooth cutting.

The BSS610Zcome with a fifty degree maximum cutting capacity and it has a precision machine base for accurate and smooth cutting. It has been specially-designed to accomplish a wide range of cutting tasks such as woodworking, remodeling, carpentry and roofing. Therefore, this product is considered to be versatile due to its ability to accomplish various types of cutting tasks. It also tends to be useful in the dark or low light working areas, thanks to the built-in LED light.

Makita BSS611Z

The Makita BSS611Z power saw is quite similar to the BSS610Z because they share some features although they still have a few different features that distinguish them from each other. For example, Makita BSS610Z weighs 7.1 pounds while BSS611Z weighs 6.9 pounds. On the other hand, both products deliver 3,700 RPM to achieve fast, accurate and smooth cut.


  • Comes with a three year warranty on tools only, hence excluding battery;
  • Cutting capacity of up to 90 degrees thanks to the large 2-1/4-inch circular saw;
  • Weighs 6.9 pounds and comes in an ergonomic, compact design that helps in reducing operator fatigue; and
  • Makita-built motor that delivers 3,700 RPM hence ensuring faster ripping and cutting through wood.

Makita’s product series has seen the brand to the top of its game, ranking as one of the veterans controlling the cordless tool industry. The BSS611Z can provide a wide range of solutions for many manufacturers who are looking forward to improving their businesses. As a matter of fact, Makita recorded over 35 tools, three years after its debut. It would be fair to say that the BSS61 is very similar to the BSS610Z because both tools have been designed in order to accomplish almost similar tasks.


Although the BSS610Z and BSS611Z appear to be similar, they both come with their destined purpose when it comes to cutting different types of woods. For example, the BSS610Z can be used in dark working areas since it comes with a built-in LED light that provides clear vision of the working area. Therefore, you can consider purchasing it in case you are planning to work in a dark area or where there is low light. On the other hand, the BSS611Z can be used to carry out tasks for a longer duration because they come with a light, compact design that will help in reducing fatigue. Therefore, this clearly explains that the task that one intends to accomplish will determine or help them choose the power saw that best fits their needs.


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