Monoprice Mini Delta vs Select Mini v2 Review

Monoprice offers two compact desktop 3D printers, the Mini Delta and the Select Mini V2.  Both printers offer a variety of features. However, we are going to compare them based on printing speed, supported materials, and build volume.  We will base our recommendation on project needs and user skill levels as these will be the most important deciding factors between the two printers.

Monoprice Mini Delta

Monoprice Mini Delta

The Mini Delta is a very easy-to-use printer.  It offers a hassle-free setup, interactive UI, and durability.

The Mini Delta is a relatively tiny 3D printer.  It stands 15 inches tall and is less than 10 inches deep.  Naturally, the build area is on the small side.  It is cylindrical and will suffice for small to medium-sized prints.  Anything larger will have to be assembled from smaller parts.

The user has a lot of flexibility in what they can build due to the variety of filament types the printer supports.  Supported materials include PLA, PETG, and ABS.  It can also use wood-infused filaments provided it has a metal nozzle. 

The UI is a large screen on the front of the unit.  Three buttons to the right of the screen control the functions.  The Mini Delta offers just a few options on each screen with no doubt to the function of each option.

The printer offers WiFi compatibility.  Additionally, users can import models directly from their PC, SD card, or USB drive.

The Mini Delta offers automatic bed leveling.  Often the most difficult part of setting up for a print job, this printer takes away all the hassle by reducing the job to just a click of a button.  The printer continuously self-calibrates so that the bed is always level.

Setup is easy.  The printer comes fully assembled.  It is just plug and play straight out of the box.

The Mini Delta extrudes at lower temperatures.  Its maximum heated bed temperature is 60°C.  Its steel and black anodized aluminum frame makes it very durable.

The printer comes with a one-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.  Getting technical help is very easy.  There are options to communicate via mail, phone, email, and live chat. 

The build volume is 110 x 110 x 120 mm.  Layer height is 50 to 200 microns.  It offers printing speeds up to 150 mm per second. 

Select Mini V2

Monoprice Select Mini v2

The Select Mini V2 is an FDM 3D printer.  It offers excellent print quality in a compact size.  The main features of this printer include plug-and-play technology and a heated build plate.

Like the Mini Delta, the Select Mini V2 comes fully assembled for plug and play printing straight out of the box.  Both printers offer a compact desktop design with a small footprint.  Unlike the Mini Delta, the Select Mini V2 offers a heated print bed.

The Select Mini V2 features a heated build plate and a large range of extruder temperatures.  Because of this, the printer can work with nearly any type of filament.  Supported material types include PLA, conductive PLA, ABS, wood composites, metal composites, and dissolvable PVA.

The all-metal hot end improves heating.  It also helps prevent clogging.  Its maximum temperature is 230°C.  The heated print bed increases print adhesion and prevents warping. 

There are also several connectivity options.  These options include using a direct USB connection, a micro-SD card, or via WiFi with Monoprice’s new mobile app.

In addition to coming fully assembled, this printer also comes fully calibrated.  There is no need to level the unit before printing.

The printer features an all-metal frame.  This makes it incredibly sturdy and prevents excess movement during printing.

The UI is a knob-controlled screen.  It features intuitive menus.

The Select Mini V2 has a build volume of 120 x 120 x 120 mm.  It uses a Bowden-type extruder.  Its layer resolution is 100 to 300 microns.  The nozzle diameter is 0.4 mm.  Printing speed is on the slower side at only 55 mm per second. 

Our Recommendation

Both printers offer excellent features.  However, we must explore the differences between the two before users commit to purchasing one over the other.  The Mini Delta offers itself as a great spacing-saving 3D printer.  It features plug-and-play technology as well as automatic bed-leveling, making it extremely user-friendly.  It is a great printer for entry-level users who want faster print times and do not mind the smaller build volume.

On the other hand, the Select Mini V2 offers a slightly larger build volume with the compromise of slower printing speeds.  We recommend this printer for entry-level users who want to make slightly larger prints and do not mind the slower printing speed.

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