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Rockwell JawStand RK9033 vs RK9034

Need a second set of hands to hang that door? Rockwell has the perfect solution for you. Their JawStands are a popular accessory for builders and do-it-yourselfers. Let’s examine two of them to see which one is the best fit for your needs.

Rockwell JawStand RK9033

Rockwell JawStand RK9033
Rockwell JawStand RK9033

The Rockwell JawStand RK9033 is exactly what you need when a sawhorse and a clamp won’t cut it. It’s the extra pair of hands that won’t get tired. It holds up to 220 pounds but it weighs only 13 pounds. And its tripod format is foldable for easy transport.

If you’re using a table saw, how do you support long pieces for cutting? Are you dissatisfied with your roller stand? Tired of improvising with other supports? Keep on track with the JawStand RK9033. It has low-friction slides on its top so the material you’re cutting glides across without getting pulled off-center.

Another benefit is that the JawStand doesn’t take up much floor space, but it also stays put where you place it. That’s due to the rubbery no-mar feet that don’t slide around on the floor.

When you use the JawStand to support a door for hanging, you can check whether it’s level with one glance and no extra tools. That’s because the rotating head has a bubble built into it.

The head swivels 360 degrees and rotates from 0 to 90 degrees, locking into place where you need it to stay. Part of the head is a clamping jaw that opens up to 1.75 inches wide. That’s wide enough to hold a door while you hang it.And the jaw has a no-mar coating so it won’t scratch the paint on your workpiece.

Finally, you can raise or lower the JawStand RK9033 to the height you need between 29 and 41 inches tall. For a taller JawStand, check out the RK9034 reviewed below.

More features of the Rockwell RK9033 Jawstand:

  • Covered by a 3-year limited warranty

Rockwell RK9034 JawStand XP Work Support Stand

Rockwell RK9034
Rockwell RK9034

The Rockwell JawStand RK9034 is known as the XP, or “exact positioning work stand.”If you compare it to the RK9033, you’ll notice a few differences. For one, it achieves a slightly taller working height of 29 to 43 inches, compared to the other JawStand topping out at 41. And that maximum height is micro-adjustable up to 2 inches as well.

The clamping jaw is also different. While it opens to the same width of 1.75 inches, it has a cam-action clamp that sets and releases without needing adjustments each time. It remembers where you set it, saving you time and effort. This feature, and the micro-adjustable height, are the reasons why the RK9034 has the XP designation.

Other than those two features, this JawStand is quite similar to the RK9033 described above. It’s built like a tripod, and it folds up compact for storage.

The feet and the clamping jaw are both coated so as to not mar a workpiece or the floor. The rubbery coating on the feet have the added benefit of keeping the JawStand still while you work. And the jaws of the clamp that serve as the top of the stand have low-friction slides. The slides let you use the JawStand as a support for a table or miter saw. They allow materials to glide smoothly over the top of the stand.

The entire head itself rotates 360 degrees and bevels up to 90 degrees, locking into place where you need it to stay. It’s the perfect companion when you need another set of hands because it never needs a break and it won’t get tired.

The JawStand RK9034, with its additional improvements over the RK9033, weighs only half a pound more than the other stand—just 13.5 pounds. But just like the other, it can support up to 220 pounds of weight. You can also make adjustments to it while it’s under load.

More features of the Rockwell RK9034 Jawstand:

  • Covered by a 5-year limited warranty


While either JawStand is a handy helper for both do-it-yourselfers and professional contractors, there are a few differences between them. Choose the RK9034 XP if you plan to use your JawStand on a regular basis. It saves time with its cam-action clamping jaw and it extends to a taller height. Otherwise, the RK9033 JawStand might be all the extra help you need on the next job.

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