SINGER 7258 vs Brother CS6000i vs Brother XR9500PRW Review

Today’s sewing machines are extremely versatile and user-friendly. They come ready to perform a wide range of stitches for clothing, quilts, and other projects. Let’s look at these three top machines from Singer and Brother to see which one will be the best for you.

SINGER 7258 Stylist Award-Winning 100-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine with DVD, 10 Presser Feet, Metal Frame, and More


Singer has long been a trusted name in sewing machines. Their 7258 Stylist makes sewing easy for anyone, even if they haven’t had a lot of experience. This machine truly simplifies complex projects with its wide range of 100 pre-programmed stitches. But there are even more excellent features to help people new to sewing with a machine.

For example, the 7258 has an automatic needle threader. That saves a lot of time and effort for everyone, no matter their level of experience. The drop-in bobbin is in a transparent compartment so it’s easy to see how much thread is left. The built-in LED light brightly illuminates where you’re stitching even if the rest of the room is dimly lit.

The built-in speed controller lets you sew without using the foot pedal. That means beginning sewers can start at a low, steady speed by simply pushing the start/stop button and sliding the speed selector.The small LCD screen verifies that you’ve chosen the stitch you want and shows you the size, too.

Singer includes a DVD to teach new users about the machine itself and how to get started using it. If you’re eager to get started right away, they also put both a quick start manual and a full-length instruction guide in the box.

But all these helps for new sewers aren’t the only benefit to the 7258 Stylist. The machine does a good job stitching smoothly even on tough fabrics like denim. Since it’s heavy and has rubber feet, the Stylist stays in place while you work on large, heavy pieces.

Although the Singer Stylist is excellent for beginning sewers, if you quilt, you may want to take a look at the Brother CS6000i described below.

More features of the Singer 7258 sewing machine:

  • Singer offers a 25-year limited warranty
  • Comes with manual, seam puller/lint brush, spool caps, pin, felts, and screwdriver
  • Accessories store inside the machine
  • Cord is 69-inches long, or 5.75 feet long


Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Sewing Machine with 60 Built-In Stitches, 7 styles of 1-Step Auto-Size Buttonholes, Quilting Table, and Hard Cover

Brother CS6000i
Brother CS6000i

Brother is another popular brand of sewing machine seen in many homes around the world. Their CS6000i is target toward crafters and quilters. It has only 60 pre-programmed stitches compared to the 100 offered by the Singer Stylist above, but it comes with a quilting table. If you like to quilt, it’s ready for you to use.

Like the Singer, this Brother machine offers a LCD screen to help you select the stitch you want. If you set up the machine incorrectly, like with the wrong foot, the CS6000i will warn you about the error before you start to work. This is a great help for beginning sewers.

The CS6000i also has a variable speed control that allows you to sew without using the foot pedal. Just hit the start button and the machine regulates the pace for you.

You can see the status of the bobbin through the clear compartment door. The bobbin is simple to use because it’s jam-resistant. Just drop it in and it threads itself. The needle is also self-threading. With these helpful features, you won’t have to waste a lot of time getting set up for the next project.

If your next project is a quilt, the CS6000i has a large quilting table with a guide, as well as a walking foot and a quilting foot. The guide and the quilting foot help you stitch exactly where you want to. The walking foot handles multiple layers for smooth stitching. There’s even a monogramming foot so you can add a very personal touch to your finished project.

More features of the Brother CS6000i sewing machine:

  • Brother offers a 25-year limited warranty and free phone support
  • Comes with manual; hard protective case; accessory feet for zippers, button-fitting and more; accessory pouch with seam ripper, needle set, cleaning brush, screwdriver, spool caps, spool pin, bobbins, and eyelet punch
  • Accessories store inside the machine


Brother XR9500PRW Project Runway Limited Edition Sewing Machine with 100 Built-in Stitches and Quilting Table

Brother XR9500PRW
Brother XR9500PRW

If you like both of the previous machines and worried that you would have a hard time choosing between them, the Brother XR9500PRW Project Runway Limited Edition has just solved your dilemma. It combines some of the best features seen on both the Brother CS6000i and the Singer Stylist 7258, but takes them up a notch.

For one, this machine offers 100 pre-programmed stitches that you can select and customize using the large back-lit LCD screen. The maximum stitch width is 7mm, wider than either of the other two machines. If you want to do buttonholes, simply choose one of 8 styles and insert the buttonhole presser foot. You can also monogram, sew zippers, and more with the same ease.The LED work-light illuminates your work area so you can see that the stitching is done to your satisfaction.

Speaking of easy, the machine is simple to set up for sewing. It has a bobbin winding and needle-threading system to help you so it takes less time and effort to get started. If you happen to insert the wrong foot for the stitch you selected, the machine will warn you about the error. When you’re done, the automatic thread cutter snips off the extra thread.

Unfortunately, on the XR9500PRW, you can’t control the speed automatically like you can on the other two machines described above. And some users have complained that since the machine is so light, it’s a little hard to work with heavy materials like denim.

But like the CS6000i, the XR9500PRW comes with an oversize quilting table ready for your crafting projects. It does not include a quilting guide or quilting foot like the CS6000i does.

More features of the Brother XR9500PRW sewing machine:

  • Brother offers a 25-year limited warranty and free phone support
  • Comes with manual; hard protective case; accessory feet for zippers, button-fitting and more; accessory pouch with needle set, twin needle, ball point needle, bobbins, extra spool pin, screwdriver, seam ripper, cleaning brush, and spool pin
  • Accessories store inside the machine
  • Machine is lightweight (9.92 pounds) for portability



These three sewing machines are excellent for beginning sewers and crafters. They have a few variations that will help you choose between them.

If you want a general-purpose sewing machine for a wide range of projects, consider getting the Singer Stylist 7258. It’s nice for persons with difficulty controlling a sewing machine with their foot because it allows users to use a controlled speed without using the pedal. It also comes with excellent instruction manuals and a DVD to instruct people new to sewing with a machine.

If your main purpose for a sewing machine would be quilting, the Brother CS6000i is completely ready for you with a wide quilting table and other essential accessories like a guide and quilting foot. It also has a speed control that doesn’t require use of the foot pedal.

If you want the versatility of a wide range of stitches along with a helpful quilting table to support large projects, consider getting the Brother XR9500PRW.

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