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SKILSAW SPT99-11 vs SPT99-RT Review

If you need a movable saw that can cut through lots of wood without slowing down, you may need a table saw. Table saws are made to be durable and provide accurate cuts in rapid succession. Skilsaw has two table saws on the market that are very similar, but with a few differences. Let’s take a look at both, and determine which would be the best to fit your unique needs!

Skilsaw SPT99-11 Table Saw


The Skilsaw SPT99-11 is a 10-inch table saw with worm drive capabilities. This saw works with engineered, soft, and hard woods to meet a variety of tasks you may have to complete. The Skilsaw SPT99-11 is great for crosscutting and ripping. 

The 10-inch blade is a 24-toothed carbide blade. This blade, combined with the Dual-Field motor that maintains a cool temperature, allows you to work with the saw for long periods of time without issue. The Skilsaw SPT99-11also has a great rip capacity at 30 ½ inches, which prevents the engine from bogging down.

The Skilsaw SPT99-11’s worm drive provides superior torque that helps you to get an easy cut every time. This is coupled with a pinion fence system and precision rack, so that you can make fast adjustments as you work. Cleanup is also easy with the dust port putting debris in one, contained area. The Skilsaw SPT99-11 also comes with a miter gauge and a smart guard system that includes a push stick, wrench, rip fence, anti-kickback system, and an insert plate.

This saw also has left support and outfeed, making it possible to work by yourself with larger pieces of wood. For maximum movability, this saw also comes with a rolling stand. This stand has easy-load handles and 16-inch wheels for your convenience. This makes travelling with your saw over rugged terrain or stairs much easier.

More features of the Skilsaw SPT99-11 Table Saw

  • 15-AMP Motor
  • Depth of cut at 3-5/8 inches
  • 30 ½ inch rip capacity

Skilsaw SPT99-RT Table Saw


The Skilsaw SPT99-RT table saw has many of the same features of the SPT99-11. The Skilsaw SPT99-RT is also 10-inches, and comes with a worm drive. The worm drive provides great torque, similar to the last product, for ripping through wood at 30 ½-inch rip capacity.

With a Dual-Field Motor, the Skilsaw SPT99-RT also runs cooler, allowing you to work for long periods of time. This product also comes with a pinion system and a rack to make quick adjustments, much like the previous product.

The Skilsaw SPT99-RT comes with a miter gauge for precision cutting. Much like the SPT99-11, the Skilsaw SPT99-RT also comes with a Smart Guard system. This system includes a dust elbow, push stick, rip fence, wrench, insert plate, and an anti-kickback device. The anti-kickback device prevents the wood from moving backwards, which adds to your safety while using the product.

Unlike the previous product, the Skilsaw SPT99-RT comes with a Diablo carbide blade. This blade has 32 teeth, and is ideal for rip cutting. Similar to the previous product, the Skilsaw SPT99-RT also comes with a rolling stand with handles to push easily through rugged terrain. On top of this, the Skilsaw SPT99-RT also comes with left support and outfeed to make working by yourself easier.

More features of the Skilsaw SPT99-RT

  • Depth of cut at 3-1/2 inches
  • 30 ½ inch rip capacity


Both of these Skilsaws provide great power and movability for all your jobsite and personal project needs. If you need maximum movability with 16-inch wheels and easy cleanup, then the Skilsaw SPT99-11 might be a good choice for your unique needs. However, if you need a large depth of cut, as well as prefer a Diablo blade with 32 teeth, the Skilsaw SPT99-RT may suit your needs the best. Both of these products have a worm drive for great cutting speed and endurance, as well as rolling stands to work wherever you need to. This makes either saw an excellent choice for your outdoor or indoor cutting needs.

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