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Worx WX429L vs WX439L Review

Sometimes a full-size circular saw is too big for the job, and you need a compact version to get your project finished. Worx offers two models, the WX429L and the WX439L, as solutions to this situation. We will base our comparison on project needs.

Worx WX429L

Worx WX429L

The Worx WX429L is a portable, one-handed circular saw that allows you to work in tight places that a full-size circular saw would not be able to go.

This saw allows you to make efficient and quick cuts. Because of its small size, you can take it with you anywhere when you don’t want to carry around a full-size saw.

It is a 4 ½-inch blade saw that comes in at 4.4 pounds, making it less than half the weight of a full-size 7 ¼-inch circular saw. Despite its small size, none of the power is sacrificed. The saw features a thinner blade that places less strain on the tool, allowing it to work harder.

Additionally, because of its light weight, you can operate it one-handed. You will be able to make more precise cuts while using the tool for longer periods with less fatigue.

Bevel adjustments are easy with the quick adjustment of a lever and range from 0 degrees to 45 degrees.

It offers an amazing depth-of-cut that allows for the cutting of stock lumber up to 2 inches thick. You can cut 2 x 4s in a single pass. Additionally, it can cut plastic, tile, and metal.

Because the saw features left-sided blade optimization, you will have a clear line of sight straight down anything you are cutting.

The motor has a decent power level at 4 amps. While this tends to be a bit lower for models of this size, the WX429L uses power more efficiently so there is no difference in the output. It features a no-load speed of 3500 RPM.

It features an even weight distribution that allows for excellent handling. The saw also has a soft grip that uses asafety switch that is integrated into the handle. The switch is very easy to reach when during activation of the trigger.

Because it can be difficult to cut straight lines with this type of saw, this model comes with a parallel guide attachment that can be used to keep it inline.

The saw comes with a hex key for blade changes, and you can conveniently store the tool on the saw’s power cord so that you don’t lose it. A 24T carbide-tipped blade comes with the saw. It’s also equipped with a vacuum adapter.

Worx WX439L

Worx WX439L

The Worx WX439L is a portable circular saw offering extreme maneuverability and ease of use.

When compared to the WX429L, the WX439L has a slimmer handle and a slightly higher no-load speed at 4100 RPM. Both saws offer 4 ½-inch blades and one-handed operational abilities.

The WX439L has a 3/8-inch arbor, which is not as common as a 5/8-inch arbor. This means you may have to order replacement blades online or get an adapter that will allow for the use of a 5/8-inch arbor on this saw.

This saw has a cutting depth up to 2 inches, allowing you to slice through stock lumber with no problem. You can easily adjust your bevel from 0 – 45 degrees with the flip of a lever. Through the use of a comfortable, ergonomically designed grip, you can do all of your cutting with one hand.

It can cut through 2 x 4s in one pass. The saw’s smaller blade requires less power than a full-size saw to get up to the same speeds. This extends the life of the tool by putting less strain on the motor.

While the saw is designed for wood, it will cut through many other materials.

It also comes with an attached dust port that allows for the easy attachment of a vacuum to keep sawdust and other debris out of your way. A parallel guide comes with the saw to help you make straight, efficient cuts.

Blade changes are quick, and the saw comes with a hex key.

Our Recommendation

Clearly, both circular saws offer excellent features. The WX429L offers no-load speeds of 3500 RPM and a slim, ergonomic handle. We recommend this saw for DIYers.

On the other hand, the WX439L offers no-load speeds of 4100 RPM and an even slimmer, more comfortable handle. This saw is perfect for DIYers.

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