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Milwaukee 6390-20 vs 6390-21 Review

Milwaukee tools are well-known for their quality and durability. Their saws are no exception. The 6390-20 and the 6390-21 are both excellent quality circular saws that feature excellent specifications. We will base our recommendation on project needs as this will be the deciding factor in making a purchasing decision.

Milwaukee 6390-20

Milwaukee 6390-20

The Milwaukee 6390-20 circular saw features a Tilt-Lok handle, which allows you to change to alternative positions when manipulating with your workpiece. Its emphasis is on simple usability. The handle has a cushioned top that will reduce your fatigue while using the saw.

You can adjust this handle between eight different positions, allowing you to get great flexibility for performing different types of tasks. You will also be able to find a comfortable position for handling the tool even when you have to work in awkward positions, which will greatly reduce your fatigue.

Additionally, the handle is fully customizable. You can place it on the left or right side depending on your preferences.

The saw has a no-load speed of 5800 RPM. It features a 7 ¼-inch wheel size with a 5/8-inch arbor. It has a cutting depth of 2 7/16 inches. When you bevel the saw to 50 degrees, the cutting depth changes to 1 11/16 inches and at 45 degrees, it’s 1 13/16 inches.

This saw weighs 10.5 pounds, is 13 ¾ inches in length, and sports a 9-foot power cord. It features a 15-amp motor with 3.25 HP at its peak. The beveling capacity is 50 degrees.

It features a double-insulated construction which increases longevity through the toughest tasks. Additionally, there is a 22-amp switch as well as helical steel gears to make the saw more durable for long-term use.

You will have a very clear line of sight from either side of the blade, assuring better accuracy when you are working on your tasks. Also, the saw features a spindle lock that makes changing the blade extremely simple, saving you a lot of time when you are working between different material types.

It has a magnesium shoe that improves balance and weight, maintaining the saw’s durability. This material is more durable than the commonly used aluminum and provides a more balanced weight.

The downside to this model is that it does not have an electric brake. This may slow you down a little if you are trying to make rapid, successive cuts.  Additionally, the cord is not detachable like most corded circular saws. This could become a hassle when transporting it to and from a job site.

Milwaukee 6390-21

Milwaukee 6390-21

The Milwaukee 6390-21 circular saw is a powerful addition to add to your array of power tools.

Like the 6390-20, the 6390-21 features a Tilt-Lok handle, allowing you to position the handle wherever you need it around the blade. They’re both 7 ¼-inch saws with 15-amp motors, offering no-load speeds of 5800 RPM. The 6390-21 comes with a hard carrying case and the 6390-20 does not.

The 6390-21 is ideal for working with materials like Microlams, headers, and wet lumber among others. You will have extremely good visibility, allowing you a clear line of cut on both sides of the blade. The saw only weighs in at 10.4 pounds but offers up a maximum of 3.25 HP, providing you with an excellent weight-to-power ratio. It measures 13 ¾ inches in length.

You can bevel the blade up to 50 degrees; however, there is no bevel stop at 45 degrees. The Tilt-Lok handle offers 8 positions and has a cushioned top handle. Additionally, the saw is equipped with a 9-foot power cord for allowing you an extended reach.

This saw is not equipped with an electric brake, which can slow down your productivity. It also does not feature a rip guide or a laser. The power cord does not detach, which could become a hassle when you are transporting it from one location to another.

It features a shoe made of aluminum and a blade guard made of magnesium.

Our Recommendation

Both Milwaukee saws offer excellent features. They both offer excellent no-load speeds, lightweight builds, and Tilt-Lok handles for maximum comfort. The 6390-20 weights 10.5 pounds and does not come with a carrying case. We recommend this saw for professionals and enthusiasts.

On the other hand, the 6390-21 weighs a little less at 10.4 pounds and offers you the convenience of a hard-shell carrying case. We recommend this saw for professionals and enthusiasts, especially those that will benefit from the added convenience of the case.

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