BLUETTI EB55 vs Jackery 500 Review

Portable power stations are excellent devices to have when you go camping or live in areas with frequent power outages. The BLUETTI EB55 and the Jackery 500 are both excellent models that offer amazing features. We are going to compare them based on power capacity, output ports, and size. We will base our recommendation onuser needs.



The BLUETTI EB55 is a power station that features a 537 Wh power capacity. With this much power, you can charge your tablets, smartphones, and laptops back to full power multiple times. The station can last for many days up to several weeks, depending on how often you use it.

There is a 700 W cap on the appliances that can be used with the EB55. The higher the wattage, the fewer the hours you’ll get for the appliance as it will use more battery power.

The EB55 features many options for outputs to charge your devices from. There are two DC output sections. Between the two there are one USB-C port, four USB-A ports, two DC 5521 ports, and one cigarette lighter port. There is also an AC output section that features four AC outlets.

There are a few options to recharge the power station. In the box, there is an AC adapter power brick that can connect the power station directly to an outlet to recharge it at 200 W. This is the most convenient way to charge the device as it will be completed within 3 hours.

Also included in the box are a car charging cable and a solar charging cable. The solar panel will need to be purchased separately if you wish to charge the power station using this method. Charging via AC and solar at the same time will charge the EB55 at 400 W and complete the charging within 2 hours.

This power station measures 10.9 x 7.8 inches and weighs 16.5 pounds. This makes it manageable to take on trips and it won’t take up much storage space at all.

The EB55 is very easy to use with almost all the functional parts being located at the front of the unit. It features an LED screen at its front showing input and output wattage for the power station. Additionally, there is a battery meter showing how much battery power remains. Every individual charging section of the EB55 has its own power button that you must press to activate. A green light will indicate when the section is powered on and ready to go.

The power station also features wireless charging at its top. This function is turned on via the USB section. Additionally, at the back, you will find a large LED flashlight that has three modes of power, including low, high, and SOS.

Its entire build is plastic; however, it is very sturdy with no signs of brittleness in its structure. You must be careful, though, because it is not waterproof or shock-resistant to falls. There are two fans on both sides of the unit that keep it cool.

Jackery 500

Jackery 500

The Jackery 500 portable power station weighs around 13 pounds. It features a rugged design that will stand up to the abuse of outdoor living. Its ergonomic handle makes it easy to carry, which is a benefit since it is on the heavier side. The LCD on the front displays any connected devices’ power draw, the current charge level, and the input power.

Like the EB55, the Jackery 500 features a built-in flashlight feature. However, the Jackery 500 weighs less than the EB55. Unlike the EB55, the Jackery 500 does not feature any USB-C ports.

The Jackery 500 features an AC port, two DC ports,three USB-A ports, a car outlet, and a DC input for charging. Each section has its own on/off that will need to be toggled to use it. Disabling it stops the power draw and conserves the battery.

This power station offers 518 Wh. The length of time each device you use lasts will depend on how much power it draws.

The power station can be charged through a standard wall outlet with the included power adapter. Alternative methods include using a car charger or a solar panel that Jackery sells separately. Using the AC adapter, it takes around 7.5 hours to charge. Solar charging takes around 9 hours, depending on outdoor conditions. It is possible to charge devices on the Jackery 500 while the power station itself is charging.

Our Recommendation

It’s very clear that both power stations offer a gamut of benefits. The EB55 provides 537 Wh, features USB-C ports, and weighs 16.5 pounds. We recommend this unit for campers, people living in RVs, and those affected by frequent blackouts.

On the other hand, the Jackery 500 offers 518 Wh, does not have a single USB-C port, and weighs 13 pounds. While this device offers excellent power and lighter weight than the other power station, it cannot charge most smart devices. For this reason alone we recommend it for emergency use only to power small appliances and electronics in blackouts.

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