Delta 36-725T2 vs 36-5000T2 Review

When you have a significant amount of cutting to do quickly, a contractor saw comes in handy. Contractor table saws offer professional cuts every time and provide extreme accuracy. Delta has developed two very similar models that have some slight differences. Let’s break down the differences in these saws to determine which is the best fit for your needs!

Delta 36-725T2

Delta 36-725T2

The Delta 36-725T2 has multiple capabilities, including cross-cutting and rip-sawing. It can work with plywood, composite materials, softwood, and hardwood.

It features a 10-inch carbide-tipped blade. This design strengthens the blade and provides heat resistance, increasing the blade’s lifespan. The blade also comes with an arbor lock to ensure it stays safely rotating on its axis. Quality cuts are possible for a long time with blade sharpening not required for an extended period. The blade also features 50 teeth.

Like all modern table saws, the Delta 36-725T2 comes with a blade guard that protects you from injury. It features easy replacement and adjustment. The guard has a clear cover on both sides of the blade. It covers the blade to prevent chips from flying around as well as your hand from coming into contact the blade.

Additionally, The saw also employs the SawStop safety mechanism. This engages the brake pad to slow and lower the blade when a foreign object comes into contact with the it.

The Delta 36-725T2 has a 30-inch cutting capacity if you are cutting with the grain and a 15-inch capacity when you are cutting against the grain. You can also perform bevel cuts at 45-degree angles. At 90 degrees, it cuts 3.5 inches and at 45 degrees, it cuts 2.5 inches.

The blade bevel and the height adjustments are controlled by two separate knobs which allow for precision and accuracy in adjustments.

It also features a cast-iron tabletop with two extension wings. The cast iron feature is an excellent addition because it is dimensionally stable, hard-wearing, and flat. It will last you for years without any problems. The table is 27.13 x 20.24 inches.

The Biesemeyer rip fence system is said to be accurate to 1/64 inch. This system is the gold standard for accuracy because it is strong and won’t be moved. It will provide the base for you to go on and produce premium-quality cuts.

The saw features a 1.75 HP motor that provides a continuous power supply to the blade. It offers 15 amps and 3600 rpm.

The whole unit weighs 220 pounds; however, it features wheels that make it easy to move. It is 31 inches high and 27 inches wide.

Delta 36-5000T2

Delta 36-5000T2

The Delta 36-5000T2 was built with durability and longevity in mind. You’ll get great cuts for years to come. It features excellent versatility and simple controls.

As with the Delta 36-725T2, this model features a Biesemeyer fence system for serious work, making all your cuts precise. Additionally, it also features wheels for easy movement. When you use it to make a beveled cut at 45 degrees, it does have a smaller cut at 2.25 inches when compared to the Delta 36-725T2’s 2.5 inches.

The Delta 36-5000T2 features a tubular design that is stylish and functional. You will be amazed by the extreme support that you get when working with large pieces of wood. To provide you with the most accurate cuts possible, it has dual rip windows and a single-piece rail. It weighs 230 pounds, providing extra stability. The saw 44 inches high and 57 inches wide, making it an excellent size for long bouts of cutting.

The on/off switch is large, making it extremely user-friendly and easy to reach. When it comes to safety features, this saw is maxed out. It features a blade brake that will stop the saw immediately once you cut the power. Additionally, it includes a lockout power switch.

The motor is 1.75 HP and offers 15 amps of power. The saw features a dual voltage of 120 V – 240 V. The arbor is 5/8 inch when the blade is tilted 40 degrees to the left. It comes equipped with a 10-inch blade. The saw also features a 15-inch rip capacity on the left side and a 30-inch rip capacity on the right side.

Our Recommendation

If you need to do a lot of heavy-duty precise cutting, you should really consider investing in a contractor table saw. If you need a smaller saw that has the option of expanding when you need more space, the Delta 36-725T2 might be the option for you. On the other hand, if you want more power and dual rip windows, the Delta 36-5000T2 could be the better option for you. Both saws are an excellent choice for all your woodworking needs.

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