Delta Power Tools 36-5100 vs 36-L336 Review

If you are in need of a saw that can withstand lots of work and provide great cuts every time, you may want to consider purchasing a table saw. Table saws are an excellent option for professional and at home projects, providing accuracy and durability for an extended period of time. Delta offers two different types of table saws, with a lot of similarities and differences. Let’s take a look at both, and examine which one would be the best fit for your needs!

Delta 36-5100 Table Saw

Delta Power Tools 36-5100
Delta Power Tools 36-5100

The Delta 36-5100 table saw is an easy to assemble saw, to get you working as soon as possible. This saw weighs 260 pounds, and stands 44 inches tall and 57 inches wide. This product comes with a tubular stand and a one swivel wheel, as well as two fixed wheels, to move the product wherever you need it to go.

This product comes with extension wings of cast iron, and has an extra steel extension wing for added convenience. The Delta 36-5100 also has dual rip windows and a Biesemeyer fence style. These features make the product extra heavy-duty, for all your larger projects. Additionally, this product works corded, and has 15 amps of power.

The Delta 36-5100 has blade brake stops, which activate immediately after the power is turned off. This product comes with a large on/off switch, so you can easily access it quickly. For added safety, this product comes with anti-kickback pawls.

The blade of the Delta 36-5100 is 10-inches in diameter, and comes with a riving knife. This riving knife adjusts with the blade, via a lever inside the throat plate. This prevents splitting and makes cutting easier. This product comes with a 15-inch rip capacity on the left, and a 30-inch rip capacity on the right.

More features of the Delta 36-5100 Table Saw

  • Dust port size of 2-1/2 inches
  • 1.75 horsepower

Delta 36-L336 Unisaw Table Saw

Delta Power Tools 36-L336
Delta Power Tools 36-L336

The Delta 36-L336 unisaw table saw comes with a cabinet construction type, with a large iron base for solid footing. This also provides a storage drawer for any accessories you may have. This table weighs 624 pounds and stands 35 inches tall and 66 inches wide. Unlike the previous saw, the Delta 36-L336 is a stationary saw without wheels.

This product comes with a trunnion system that prevents vibration and allows for more accuracy while cutting. The Delta 36-L336 also comes with dual front cranks to tilt your blade height easily. A bevel dial is also included for ¼-degree blade bevel tuning, which ensures you will have cuts that are more accurate.

Like the previous product, this product also features a riving knife that works tool-free. This prevents splitting during your woodworking projects and adds accuracy to every cut. The Delta 36-L336 also comes with a 10-inch blade.

The Delta 36-L336 comes with many features that the previous table saw does not have. This product has a bi-level dust extraction system, as well as a grunion system and sure-lock front cranks. This product also includes a 13.5-inch left rip capacity and a 36-inch right rip capacity. The Delta 36-L336 also has 12.5 amps of power, and comes with a miter fence and rip fence.

More features of the Delta 36-L336 Unisaw Table Saw

  • Dust port size of 4 inches
  • 3 horsepower


Both of these table saws are great options for heavy workloads and durability. The Delta 36-5100 table saw is an excellent option if you prefer movability, lighter-weight, higher power amperage and a larger left rip capacity. The Delta 36-L336 might be the choice for you if you would rather a stationary style table saw, with a larger right rip capacity, higher horsepower, larger dust port, vibration prevention, and a bevel dial for added accuracy. Both of these products provide 10-inch blades riving knives for split-protection, allowing you to achieve great cuts every time. This makes either one a great choice for your professional work or at-home project needs!

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