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Bosch mrc23evsk vs 1617 Review

The router kit is just one of those things that wood workers are always searching for when they are looking for the best tools to use. While it may seem easy in the beginning to make a choice, finding the right router can be complicated given the fact that router kits have different features that may benefit different people. In the search for the right router kits, people are probably going to make a choice between the Bosch mrc23evsk and the Bosch 1617. This article aims to help people choose between the two router kits.

Bosch mrc23evsk vs 1617







Bosch mrc23evsk Combination Fixed Variable Router Kit

This type of router kit is actually considered to be newer than its contemporaries and the fact that it is new means that it has some advantages not available in other router kits. The Bosch mrc23evsk has a plunge and fixed base that are sharing one motor. This will make it possible to have two routers in just purchasing one product.

Advantages of Bosch mrc23evsk Combination Fixed Variable Router Kit

  • One of the biggest advantages of this model is its power. It has a powerful 2.3 HP which means that it can push some of the stocks down without the machine failing or sputtering because of the hard work that it has to do. I have tried using it and the machine never bogged down.
  • Another advantage that this model has is speed. The speed of the machine can be adjusted from 10,000 rpm to about 25,000 rpm. The main reason why it could be adjusted is because it can help in trying to match the cutter speed of the saw that can be used alongside the router kit.
  • People also have a choice to make between the ½ and ¼ inch shank sizes. I personally chose the ½ since it is more versatile. With this shank size, I was able to do some projects very well. I would probably try to order the ¼ shank too if ever I would see the need for it in the future.

Disadvantage of the Bosch mrc23evsk Combination Fixed Variable Router Kit

  • It has this feature which makes it possible to turn the on and off features of each base without much problem. Stopping and starting the router can be much safer because both hands will be used to hold on to the router. While this is actually a good advantage, the bad news is that it costs a lot of money. This same router system can be offered in other products made by the same company without the hefty price tag.

Bosch 1617 Fixed Based Router Kit

  • One thing that I have noticed about the Bosch 1617 is when the machine is first purchased; there are some burrs that are lining up the base. Frequent use of the machine has made the burrs disappear but I was always careful about using it because I wanted to avoid having it scratch the materials that I am working on.
  • There is a new type of adjustment that can be done with the Bosch 1617. Instead of the usual adjustment, what can be done with this is to just adjust the depth and then release the cam lock to its locked position. Just wait for it to click to ensure that it is already in place.
  • When it comes to ergonomics, the Bosch mrc23evsk is preferred because it is more stable and balanced. Still, this does not mean that the Bosch 1617 does not give a good performance even when used for the first time.

Here are just some of the differences that would have to be noticed about the Bosch mrc23evsk and the Bosch 1617. Hopefully, this article was able to inform you about which router kit you should purchase based on the advantages and disadvantages listed above. Do remember that choosing must be based not only on the preference but also based on how the features will be a big help to doing some wood working tasks.


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