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Dewalt DW713 vs Dw715 Review

What will best fit people’s preference between the Dewalt DW713 and the DW715? These two compound miter saws are considered to be the best when it comes to cutting baseboards and crown molding. This article aims to help people choose which one they should get since the two seem similar at first glance. This article will discuss both compound miter saws to help people make the right decision.

Dewalt DW713 vs Dw715

Dewalt DW713 10 Inch Compound Miter

The Dewalt DW713 is considered to be the product to use whether people are going to use it professionally or when they are going to use it just to make their own furniture. A lot of people have already used this product professionally and are quite satisfied with the results.

Advantages of the Dewalt DW713 10 Inch Compound Miter

  • Quick, accurate cuts will be easy to do with the help of this compound miter saw. I have used it before to do some simple tasks and cutting was very fast and easy. The cuts I did were all precise.
  • This product is lightweight. One of the problems that I sometimes have is trying to balance the miter saw on my hands because it comes to a point when other products become too heavy. This is not something that I can worry about with the DW713.
  • The miter system is very easy to adjust. If things are not going according to plan, I just adjust the settings of the miter saw and it improves my work tremendously.
  • There are positive stops that will allow the product to be used without the need to hold on to the handles all the time just to keep the position of the miter saw in one place.

Disadvantage of Dewalt DW713 10 Inch Compound Miter

  • This product sometimes has the tendency to tilt back too far. This can make the product harder to use. It does not matter whether people are going to use the product in thick and thin types of wood, when the product tilts back too far, the item will be harder to cut.

Dewalt DW715 12 Inch Compound Miter

The Dewalt DW715 is almost similar to the DW713 but it is pretty apparent that this is an upgrade from the DW713. It is known to have improved the way it cuts different types of material. This will be able to cut for a better range of applications.

  • The miter adjustment of the DW715 is more solid as compared to the Dewalt DW713. The quick detents will not move at all once it has been adjusted. The adjustment can be made very easy and once the miter has been locked, it will not fall out of place. The DW715 also has hardened steel bevel stops.
  • Unlike the DW713 however, the new version of the DW715 might be a bit hard to use because it does not allow LED light to be installed. The LED light can be very crucial because it makes cuts more accurate and precise. Even the Type I and Type II versions of the DW715 may be used better with the use of laser light.
  • The DW715 has bigger blades than the DW713. The DW713 has 10” blades while the DW715 has 12”. The extra inches will allow bigger cuts to be made with various materials that are being made.

It will be apparent from the article that there are pros and cons to these two types of miter saws. The various strengths and weaknesses of the saw will appeal to different individuals. The quality of the two saws is great especially when compared to other brands and their prices are not bad at all. The most important thing that people should remember is to search for that saw that will work best for their needs and what they do. It does not matter whether the saw is only going to be used over the weekend for a fun activity or if it is going to be used professionally. What matters is that the one that will be chosen can deliver what is expected of it.

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