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Dewalt dw715 vs dw716 Review

Using a miter saw for different purposes can be fulfilling for a lot of people myself included. This is the reason why I like using the right equipment to use. When it comes to using a miter saw, there are various powerful products that are available but it can be narrowed down to two – the Dewalt dw715 and the Dewalt dw716. The two equipments may seem very similar but there are some differences that will set them apart from each other. Hopefully, after reading this article, people who are confused about which one to get will be able to choose the right one correctly.

Dewalt dw715 vs dw716

Dewalt dw715 15 Amp 12 Inch Compound

A lot of people would like to make sure that they can use equipment that will allow them to make cuts with perfect angles each time they cut. This may be hard but it can be possible with the use of the Dewalt dw715. There are several advantages of using the dw715 that people should know more about.

Advantages of Dewalt dw715 15 Amp 12 Inch Compound

  • The great thing about this equipment is that it is light compared to other equipment. I have brought it with me outside one time when I had a project to do. I just placed it on top of a saw horse and it worked perfectly. I did not have any problem with carrying it and placing it back inside when I was done.
  • Sharp blades can be quite scary especially for first time users but with the use of this product, there is no need to worry about this because the product is safe to use because of the blade guard. The blade guard will completely cover the blade when it is in use and it also has a trigger that will stop the equipment from starting up when it is not prompted to start up.
  • The 12 inch blade of the Dewalt dw715 is the chosen blade of people who would like to do their work fast. As much as possible, I would like my work to be done efficiently but this does not mean that I would sacrifice the quality of the work just to do it fast. This product helps me make my projects perfectly in short periods of time.

Disadvantage of Dewalt dw715 15 Amp 12 Inch Compound

  • The main disadvantage of the dw715 is the fact that it does not have any built in laser. The laser is used in order to guide people in cutting. The laser can also be used to light up the whole area especially when some spots are hard to see. For others, this might not seem to be a problem though.

Dewalt dw716 12 Inch Double Bevel Compound

  • Since the dw716 is known to be an upgrade from the dw715, people should know that its main difference is its double bevel. The fact that it has a double bevel means that the angles can be adjusted perfectly which will make the cuts more accurate and precise. Usually, the dw716 is the choice of more serious wood workers.
  • This is 2 pounds heavier than the dw715 and some people feel that this is already a big deal especially if the equipment would have to be brought outside from time to time in order to do some outside work.
  • Some people may experience some difficulty in using it initially once received but this can be changed the moment that people start doing some adjustments with the double bezel as well as the other features of the product.

It is quite apparent from listing down the different features of the two miter saws that they are both good enough to be used by almost everyone. For people who are searching for a miter saw that can be used professionally, investing on the dw716 may be the best option because of its double bevel feature that can truly help in doing work but for those who are only doing woodwork as a hobby, the dw715 may already be the best choice.

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