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Festool OF 1010 vs OF 1400 Review

One good router can take the place of a large collection of woodworking tools. Festool makes some of the top routers on the market today. Let’s take a look at two of them to see which one is the best for you.

Festool OF 1010 EQ Router

Festool OF 1010

Festool OF 1010

When it’s time to make cutouts, joints, or decorative surface cuts, the Festool OF 1010 will be your go-to tool. It mills wood so much faster than you could ever do by hand. The spindle lock design makes it easy for you to do a curved edge on molding, then quickly switch to another bit to make an internal cut. You’ll only need the wrench to change collets.

Press the trigger and lock it into placeso you don’t have to hold it during a long cut. The 1010-watt motor has a soft start so you have great control from the moment you begin working. Thumb the knob at the top of the router to adjust the speed between 10,000 and 23,000rpm. When you’re done cutting, press the trigger again and release it to halt the router.

Besides the speed, you can control the amount of plunge, or depth of cut, by adjusting the depth stop. Instead of a lever, turn the knob handle to release the brake that lets the router do a plunge cut. The spring inside the router creates resistance and helps the router go back up to the starting position when you’re done. The maximum depth of the OF 1010 is 2-1/8 inches. You can fine-tune the depth of cut you want all the way down to 1/256-inch for amazing precision.

Festool’s high quality construction is evident in the OF 1010. The motor’s electronic controls keep the OF 1010 working at a consistent speed even in hardwoods. They keep the motor from overheating and burning out. The ergonomic handle of this router is designed for comfortable handling. All the controls are easy to use and placed in convenient places.

The Festool collets are self-releasing with the nut and sleeve in one piece. While the OF 1010 comes with two collet sizes of ¼-inch and 8mm, it isn’t compatible with ½-inch collets. If you prefer a router that can use larger bits, take a look at the Festool OF 1400 below.

The OF 1010 is lightweight, weighing just 5.9 pounds. It comes with a dust extraction setup integrated into the base that successfully catches most debris.

More features of the Festool OF 1010:

  • Comes with chip catcher, ¼” collet, 8mm collet, dust extraction hood, guide rods, guide stop, power cord, bushing adapter, and storage box
  • You can use the OF 1010 with other Festool products like the Dovetail jig and LR32 hole drilling system
  • Festool offers a 3-year warranty with a 30-day money-back guarantee


Festool OF 1400 EQ Router with T-Loc + CT 36 Dust Extractor Package

Festool OF 1400

Festool OF 1400

If you want more power for medium runs and plan to use larger bits, you may prefer the Festool OF 1400 plunge router over the OF 1010. It has a 1400-watt motor with excellent electronic controls for soft start, step-less variable speed control, and protection against burnout. Work with this router always goes smoothly, even in tough wood.

The OF 1400 can take on bigger jobs than the OF 1010. It comes with a ½-inch collet and can plunge down to 2-3/4-inches.The depth stop turret has three positions for step cutting. It locks firmly into place and won’t slide down even with repeated cuts. This routeralso has precise depth adjustment down to just 1/256-inch for professional-quality jobs.

Changing bits is fast and easy with the built-in spindle lock. You’ll only need the wrench to change the collet.

The CT 36 dust extraction setup for the OF 1400 catches almost all the debris the router creates. The large 9.5-gallon tank can hold a lot of shavings and chips while the HEPA filter keeps the air you breathe free of dust.

More features of the Festool OF 1400:

  • Comes with 9.5 Gallon HEPA Mobile Dust Extractor, T-Loc Systainer, 1 in. x 11.5 ft. AntiStatic Suction Hose, HEPA Filter, SELFCLEAN Filter Bag, ¼” collet, 8mm collet, ½” collet, collet wrench, dust shroud, chip catcher, guide rods, bushing adaptor, Universal Template Guide Adapter, Plug-It Power Cord
  • Festool offers a 3-year warranty with a 30-day money-back guarantee


If you are a hobbyist with occasional projects and want a plunge router for decorative cuts and joints, and don’t need bits larger than 8mm, consider getting the OF 1010.

If you want to outfit your shop with a powerful router that is compatible with ½” bits, take a look at the OF 1400. It comes with a top-notch dust extraction system complete with HEPA filter.

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