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FLSUN V400 vs Super Racer Review

3D printers are a fun and creative way to design your own projects. However, when you choose one, you want to ensure you have the highest quality and aren’t losing time on a printer with slow speeds. FLSUN developed two models, the V400 and Super Racer, which offer high-speed printing that doesn’t sacrifice the quality of the prints. We’ll compare these two models and make a recommendation based on material and print speed.



The FLSUN V400 offers printmakers time-saving features with a typical maximum print speed of 400 mm/s. It also has a default acceleration of 8,000 mm/s2. This combination is 400% faster than the industry standard, providing instant high-speed printing capabilities. You can save over 70% of your printing time when choosing this model. 

This printer features a 3 x 48 W high-power stepper motor and a pre-installed Klipper Firmware Pad. The pad supports WiFi remote control, has an onboard 16 G EMM, and features 1 G DDR4 Memory.

With its 300-degree high-temp nozzle, you’re not limited in what materials you can use. Enjoy printing with PLA, PLA+, PETG, Nylon, Wood, TPU, PC, and ABS. Additionally, it comes equipped with an all-metal drive extruder that offers a pushing force of up to 70 N. Weighing only 135 g, it’s ultra-lightweight to accommodate the fast printing speed and ultrafast acceleration. The extruder also has an excellent cooling fan that consistently produces high-quality prints.

You won’t have to struggle with bed leveling with the FLSUN V400. It comes with auto bed leveling technology. This technology features a 25-point intelligent calibration for fast printing startup. 

The print bed is part of a spring steel platform that offers firmer bonding. Its multilayer system features PEI, soft tile, a 5 mm aluminum plate, and the V400 hotbed. When you need a printer for large models with extra fine detail, the FLSUN V400 offers exceptional quality.





Super Racer

Super Racer

The FLSUN Super Racer is another high-quality printer that can save you time on your prints. It has a typical maximum printing speed of 200 mm/s. It features a default acceleration of 2,800 mm/s2. The printer features a 3 x 48 W high-power stepper motor that supports this printing speed and acceleration. You can rapidly achieve a high printing speed without losing precision or quality at a rate of 200% faster than the industry standard, saving 50% of your print time.

Unlike the FLSUN V400, the Super Racer does not come with a direct drive extruder. Instead, it features a Bowden extruder. Additionally, unlike the FLSUN V400, it only supports using PLA, PETG, and ABS filaments, which can limit the projects you want to complete. However, the two printers are similar in that they offer automatic bed leveling, making getting started on your prints a breeze. 

The Super Racer has print resume functions. If you experience a power outage, it will pick up printing where it left off as soon as power is restored, saving your print and precious materials. Additionally, it recognizes when the filament runs out or breaks, pausing the print to protect it from damage. This feature will save you valuable time and money by protecting your print. It also features a covered lattice platform with good filament viscosity.

This printer also has a 3 x linear rail guide. This offers excellent stability and precision in all your prints. It helps enable high-speed printing accuracy. This printer is also an excellent choice for large print models.



Our Recommendation

The FLSUN V400 and Super Racer are both superior quality printers, offering high-speed printing capabilities that do not sacrifice any of the precision needed for detailed prints. However, if you’re interested in the printer that will save you the most time, the FLSUN V400 is the clear winner with its high speed and acceleration.  We recommend this printer for more advanced printmakers.

The Super Racer also offers time-saving print speeds but at a lower rate than the V400. It also has more limited options for filament use. Additionally, with it not being a direct drive extruder, it is not as attractive as the V400. Because of these reasons, we recommend this printer to newer printmakers.

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