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Grizzly G8689 Review

When you want to create those special pieces, you need the assistance of a milling machine. If you need to drill, bore, cut gears, or produce slots, you need one of these machines. Grizzly offers a versatile option with the G8680, and we are going to explore its specifications and features.

Grizzly G8680 Mini Milling Machine

Grizzly G8689

The Grizzly G8680 Mini Milling Machine has a ¾ HP, 110 V, single-phasemotor, and a 4 x 16-inch benchtop. It uses traditional milling bits. These bits fit the 3/8 inch and ½ inch collets. You will be able to drill into or remove material to create your special piece, even taking away entire sections of metal.

When compared to the Grizzly G0781, the Grizzly G8680 has a smaller benchtop and lower motor output wattage; however, it offers a higher maximum speed. They both offer a safety shut-off button as well as excellent down-feed control.

The Grizzly G8689 is excellent for creating those unique custom pieces. It’s not like a mini lathe that specializes in objects that are cylindrical in shape but instead works with squared or rectangular materials.

Additionally, its table is cast iron and perfectly holds and moves the material you are working with against the bit.Additionally, the table features T-slots that hold T-shape clamping nuts. It can be moved from front to back or side to side through the use of heavy-duty hand wheels that are made of cast iron. These hand wheels feature a scale which will allows you to move the table with very good accuracy.

This mini milling machine weighs in at 150 pounds, allowing for some real benchtop stability, which is perfect because lightweight tools, on the other hand, can hinder your performance. The Grizzly G8680 can handle any job that includes up to ½-inch drilling, ½-inch end mills, and 1-inch facing.

Also, it is highly efficient because its gear drive and variable speed control features do not require any belt changes.It has a variable speed range from 0 to 2500 RPM. The maximum distance of the spindle to the table is 11 ½ inches. The head travel is 7 ½ inches and the head tilt is 45 degrees left and right.

It offers longitudinal table travel of 7 5/16 inches and a cross travel of 4 inches. The swing measures 12 ¾ inches.

It features an electronic speed control that is continuously variable to maintain torque and speed. The machine includes a control panel mounted on the left-hand side that features a safety shut-off switch, a speed control knob, and an on/off toggle switch.

With the unit’s weight being150 pounds, you may need some assistance with the unboxing and setup of your new mini milling machine.


If you’re on the lookout to get some basic milling projects completed, the Grizzly G8689 Mini Milling Machine is a great place to start. It’s got a heavy-duty build, making it great for smaller pieces. The ¾ HP motor will last a long time if treated right. The overall structure with the base, table, and T-slots make the machine a great choice. 

We recommend this machine for DIYers and home shop owners. It’s great for personal projects but would not be ideal for professional projects.

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