Triton TSPST450 vs Ridgid EB4424 Review

When you need to create a finished, smooth edge for your wood project, you need a spindle sander or a belt sander, but why stop there when you could have both tools in one? There are two such tools on the market, the Triton TSPST450 and the Ridgid EB4424, that offer a gamut of amazing features. We will base our recommendation on project needs.

Triton TSPST450

Triton TSPST450

The Triton TSPST450 is an all-metal belt and spindle sander unit that offers easy belt change. This provides a maximum work rate for straight and shaped workpieces. You will be able to gain the ultimate versatility with the dual configuration of the Triton Belt and Spindle Sander. Precision sanding is offered for any edge whether it is curved, angular, or irregular.

It features a large cast aluminum table that offers a 0 – 45 degree tilting front section for accuracy, strength, and flatness. It offers sanding action that is both rotating and vertically oscillating, perfectly balancing between work rate and control. Because it rotates and oscillates, you will have burn-free control when tackling any contour.

Additionally, the sander offers onboard storage slots, keeping the tool and accessories together at all times. They will be accessible for quickly changing modes as well as convenience. Table-top adjustments are tool-free, improving the workflow while working at any angle between 0 and 45 degrees.

There are vented throat plates as well as an under-table dust channel for optimized extraction of dust and chippings. This provides a cleaner and safer working environment. It offers a paddle on/off switch with a dust cover that can be easily accessed. There is also a removable disabling key. The unit is designed for stability and has locating holes that allow for secure bench mounting in addition to its heavyweight design.

The TSPST450 has a 3.5 A/120 V motor. It offers 58 oscillations per minute. The no-load speed is 1925 rpm for the spindle and 1575 ft/min for the belt. Also, the table size is 17 x 16 inches. It offers a belt size of 4 x 24 inches and a sleeve heigh of 4 ½ inches while the dust port is 1 ½ inch. The unit’s weight is 28.44 pounds.

Ridgid EB4424

Ridgid EB4424

The Ridgid EB4424 is both an oscillating spindle sander and an oscillating edge belt sander. With its sanding belt assembly, it features solid construction with a simple design. The belts come in a standard 4 x 24 inches. It also offers sanding sleeves and drums for spindle sanding operations.

The machine itself weighs approximately 40 pounds, making it a substantial benchtop unit. The weight provides enough stability to enable better performance. It was also ready to use straight out of the box.

Spindle sanding is excellent for very tight curves as well as enclosed areas that are too tiny for the belt.

Additionally, the unit has a large work area of 19 x 24 inches. At the same time, it does not overwhelm your bench space. The tool has onboard storage to keep everything that you need for it all within reach.

When coupling the dust extraction unit with an adequate shop vacuum, you will find that your workspace is kept very clear, which is great considering that oscillating sanders are known for producing a large volume of dust.

When compared to the Triton TSPST450, the Ridgid EB4424 offers a greater bench tilt range of 0 – 48 degrees. Both tools offer tool-less switching between the two mode options.

When the table on the EB4424 tilts, it offers common stopping points. The downside to this unit is that the table has a very poor finish. It is not consistent with the other high-quality aspects of this tool.

Our Recommendation

Clearly, both sanders offer excellent features; however, we need to perform one final breakdown of their characteristics before you make your purchase decision. The Triton TSPST450 offers toolless switching between modes, optimized extraction of dust and wood chippings, and onboard storage for all accessories and tools needed for the unit.

On the other hand, the Ridgid EB4424 offers toolless switching between modes, a larger angle for the tilting of the table, and a larger work area. The TSPST450 is an excellent option for professionals who need extra detail in their projects. The EB4424 is an excellent choice for professionals who need all the detail but also need the extra work space and tilting angle.

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