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DEWALT DCS573B vs DCS570B Review

While circular saws are a great addition to your arsenal of tools for woodworking, having one with a cord can be a hassle. Dewalt offers two excellent cordless options, the DCS573B and the DCS570B, to make the work much easier. We are going to compare the two based on project needs.

Dewalt DCS573B


The Dewalt DCS573B 20 V Max is a 7 ¼-inch circular saw with Flexvolt Advantage Technology. This technology allows the 20 V tool to run off 60 V Flexvolt batteries allowing for more power than is offered with the standard 20 V battery. You will gain over 75% more power when you use a Flexvolt battery.

This circular saw features a brushless motor that has a no-load speed of 5,800 RPM for faster cutting. It has a 1 1/8-inch stroke length. At 90 degrees, the maximum cut depth is 2 9/16 inches while at 45 degrees, it is 2 inches. The saw comes with a positive bevel of 22.5 degrees and has a 45-degree stop that prevents the material from shifting out of position.

An electric brake will stop the blade once the trigger is released, keeping you safe because the blade will not shift out of position as you make as many cuts as you want. There is a built-in bright LED light that offers increased visibility to improve cut accuracy. Once you’re done working, the saw has an integrated rafter hook to allow for quick and easy storage.

Additionally, it offers the ability to connect with the DewaltAirLock system for dust port compatibility. As an alternative, you can use a standard 35 mm dust extractor. Either option will minimize dust obstruction during cutting operations.

The DCS573B has a compact design, only measuring 15.15 x 9.3 x 8.25 inches. It is made of extremely durable material and can withstand many cutting activities as well as weather elements. It is slightly heavy at 11 pounds with a battery inserted, which makes transporting and operating the machine slightly challenging, especially for smaller users.

The handle is ergonomically positioned and convenient. It’s also a large enough size to accommodate any user’s hands. The rubber coating makes it easy and comfortable to hold. This saw’s blade is extremely efficient at cutting through any material, whether you are working with wood or metal. However, when using it on metals, it is quite difficult to use as it produces vibrations that can strain the muscles.

Dewalt DCS570B


The DCS570B comes with a 24-tooth blade and a manual to get you started. A blade change wrench is inserted into the backside of the saw that can be tucked under the handle as well. Installing the blade is very simple, taking less than a minute.

Like the DCS573B, the DCS570B is also a 7 ¼-inch circular saw with a brushless motor. However, at 45 degrees, the DCS570B has a shallower cutting capability than the DCS573B. Additionally, only the DCS573B offers Flexvolt Advantage Technology out of the two.

The DCS570B is a very solidly built saw. It feels completely locked in during cutting because of the metal parts that have a heavier gauge. It has an overall great design.

Releasing the trigger will engage an electric, stopping the blade in less than a second, This ensures your safety. Additionally, when you’re working in an enclosed environment, the saw and accompanying noise both stop nearly instantaneously.

Because of its brushless motor, Dewalt claims the saw has extreme runtime. You’ll have hours of operationfrom a single 3 Ah battery. The motor will also improve power and control. The no-load speed is 5500 RPM.

The blade diameter is 7 ¼ inches. It offers a maximum cutting depth of 2 9/16 inches at 90 degrees and 1 5/8 inches at 45 degrees. Its maximum bevel is 57 degrees. The total machine weight without a battery is 7.9 pounds.

Our Recommendation

Clearly, both circular saws offer excellent benefits. The DCS573B is very advanced with Flexvolt Advantage Technology and also offers a speed of 5800 RPM, an electric brake, and a compact size. We recommend this saw for professionals.

On the other hand, the DCS570B offers a speed of 5500 RPM, an electric brake, and a compact size. We recommend this saw for DIYers who don’t need the extra power that comes from the Flexvolt Advantage Technology.

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