Makita XT286SM1 vs XT287SM1 Review

When you’re cleaning your yard, you need quality tools. Makita offers two great kits, the XT286SM1 and the XT287SM1. We’re going to compare them based on design, speeds, and special technologies. We will base our recommendation on project needs.

Makita XT286SM1

Makita XT286SM1

The Makita XT286SM1 is a brushless and cordless 2-piece combination kit. It offers both lower operational noise and zero emissions. The kit includes an 18 V cordless blower, 18 V string trimmer, 4.0 Ah battery, and battery charger. Both tools are operated by a single 18 V LXT battery and have brushless motors.

The blower is both compact and ergonomically designed. It weighs only 6.5 pounds and is 32 ½ inches long. Because it is brushless, the motor runs cooler and more efficiently, offering your tool a longer life. It provides speeds up to 116 mph air velocity as well as 459 cfm air volume.

It also features a cruise control leverand a variable speed trigger. The cruise control allows for power and runtime management. The in-line fan design provides better overall balance for the bloweras well as improved ergonomics. You’ll have no trouble handling this blower as you clean your yard.

On the other hand, the string trimmer’s brushless motor provides speeds up to 6000 rpm for speedier cutting. It features Automatic Torque Drive Technology. This means it will automatically shift from 4000 to 6000 rpm relativeto the needs of its current application. The rpm shift is made for either adding to the power or extending the runtime.

You will find three speed options available, low at 4000 rpm, medium at 5000 rpm, and high at 6000 rpm. This will allow you to match the required speed to the application you are completing.

The trimmer head is easy loading and is bump and feed. It is compatible with 0.08-inch or 0.095-inch line.  It also offers reverse rotation to allow you to quickly remove any grass or weeds that have become entangled in the trimmer head. The shaft is split to allow for convenient storage and transportation.

Both the blower and trimmer are backedby Extreme Protection Technology (XPT). This is a protective seal inside the equipment that provides increased water and dust resistance when you are working in harsh conditions by driving these hazards away from critical internal components.  Additionally, they both have Star Protection Computer Controls that protect them against overheating, over-discharging, and overloading.

Makita XT287SM1

Makita XT287SM1

The Makita XT287SM1 is a 2-piece yard clean-up kit that featur a blower and a string trimmer as well as an 18 V battery and a charger. The tools are each powered by a single 18 V battery. These tools offer nearly noiseless operation as well as release zero emissions, which makes use much more comfortable for you.

The blower offers speeds up to 116 mph in air velocity as well as 459 cfm of air volume. Its design is both ergonomic and compact, weighing only 6.5 pounds and coming in at 32 ½ inches. It features a variable speed trigger and a cruise control lever that provides extra control over power and runtime. This blower also has an in-line fan design to provide better balance as well as improved ergonomics.

With speeds up to 6000 rpm, the string trimmer also features a variable speed trigger thatallows you to control your cutting speed and a fast-load bump-and-feed trimmer head, you can load the line in mere seconds with threesimple steps. The trimmer comes preloaded with a 0.08-inch line. It also features a high/low button for the management of power.

Like the XT286SM1, the XT287SM1 features Extreme Protection Technology as well as Start Protection Computer Controls. However, the XT286SM1offers Automatic Torque Drive Technology for its trimmer while the XTS287SM1 does not.

Our Recommendation

While both kits offer amazing features, you’ll want to take one last look at their features before you make a purchasing decision. The XT286SM1 features Automatic Torque Drive Technology for its trimmer, variable speeds for both devices, and ergonomic designs for ease of use. We recommend this kit for homeowners as well as professional gardeners and landscapers.

On the other hand, the XT287SM1 offers variable speeds for both devices, ergonomic designs for ease of use, and easy reloading of the trimming line. We recommend this kit for homeowners.

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