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Haida HDJS128 vs HDJS538 Review

When it’s time to ramp up production, you can lower costs by using plastic injection molding machines. They produce less waste than CNC machining and produce faster than 3D printing. And hybrid injection machines like these two from Haida could save you money on electricity and oil, too.

How can you know which of these similar molding machines is best for your business? Let’s drill down into the details to compare them and see.

Haida HDJS128 Servo Motor Plastic Injection Molding Machine with Dryer Hopper and Auto-Loader

Haida HDJS128

Haida HDJS128

One of the main reasons why manufacturers switch to plastic injection molding is the ability to repeat an item rapidly accurately. Over the years, injection molding machines have advanced to include servo-driven hydraulic pumps as the Haida HDJS128 has. And the advantage of servo motors is that they manage the pump speed depending on the machine’s need for oil, or stop it if there is a break in molding. As a result, servo motors end up saving electricity, and they increase the lifetime of the hydraulic oil.

Another advantage to injection molding machines with servo motors is that they are much quieter than full hydraulic machines. You may find that their noise level is comparable to restaurant conversation or riding in a car on the freeway.

Now that we’ve covered the general information about plastic injection molding machines, what makes the Haida HDJS128 unique?  First, its product number reveals an important fact. The “128” has to do with its clamping force, which is 1280KN, or kilonewtons.

When you choose a machine, the right amount of clamping force is essential. Too much or too little force can lead to inconsistent weight and uneven finish, or flash, which is overflow and waste. If your design calls for 1280 kilonewtons of clamping force, you may find the Haida HDJS128 is a perfect fit.

Next, Haida also offers to customize their machine for you. Their standard screw and barrel are made for ABS, PP, PE, and PS plastics. But if you request it, they can replace the screw and barrel to handle materials like PET, PPS, PA, PC, PVC, PMMA, and POM.

Finally, a quick overview of the specific characteristics of the Haida HDJS128 reveals other highlights. For one, it has both an auto loader and dryer hopper. Then there is both low-pressure mold protection with back pressure adjustment plus full proportional control over hydraulic pressure. Next, it combines the power of a double-cylinder balance injection system with multi-pressure and speed injection. And the all computer controlled system also has an onboard memory that retains molding data.

More features of the Haida HDJS128 injection molding machine:

  • Comes with lubrication oil, spare parts, and mechanical leveling pad
  • See full specifications to ensure this machine is compatible with your project
  • Space between tie bars is 410 by 410mm


Haida HDJS538 Servo Motor Plastic Injection Molding Machine with Dryer Hopper and Auto-Loader

Haida HDJS538

Haida HDJS538

The main difference between the Haida HDJS538 and the HDJS128 is the size and type of project they can handle. The HDJS538 has a significantly higher clamping force of 5380KN. The space between tie bars is also larger, measuring 810 by 810mm.

Since Haida manufactures more than a hundred types of injection machines in five different series, it shouldn’t be hard to match one of them to your project requirements. And as we mentioned before, if you work with non-standard materials like PET or PMMA, you can request that they change the screw and barrel to suit.

Finally, the functioning of the HDJS538 is similar to smaller injection molding machines in the same series. It has features like an all computer control system with low-pressure mold protection and a double-cylinder balance injection system. Just verify that its specifications will match your project’s needs.

More features of the Haida HDJS538 injection molding machine:

  • Comes with lubrication oil, spare parts, and mechanical leveling pad



If you’re in the market for a plastic injection molding machine with a servo motor, the Haida brand has many models to suit. The main difference between the two machines in this review is their capacity. The HDJS128 is better for creating smaller objects that don’t require a high amount of clamping force. Meanwhile, the Haida HDJS538 is suited to projects that need more clamping force and have a higher volume.

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