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Husqvarna 120 Mark II vs 130 Review

Husqvarna makes high-quality products that many people turn to. When it comes to chainsaws, they are one of the most well-known brands. They offer two models, the 120 Mark II and the 130, for lightweight use. We will base our recommendation on user needs.

Husqvarna 120 Mark II

Husqvarna 120 Mark II

The Husqvarna 120 Mark II is a cordless, gas chainsaw that offers options for cutting firewood, light limbing, and light felling of trees.

It features a centrifugal air cleaning system. This system’s main job is to remove larger debris and dust particles before they can get into the air filter. You’ll enjoy having to clean the air filter less and an extended engine life.

Additionally, this chainsaw will provide you with lower fuel consumption by up to 20% because of its X-Torq engine. Also, it features reduced exhaust emission levels that follow the strictest environmental regulations in the world.

It has a combined stop and choke control. This allows for an easier start as well as a reduction of the risk offlooding the engine.  The system is specifically designed to reduce vibration levels for you to reduce your fatigue.

The chainsaw has an automatic system for chain oiling. What this means is there is a continuous, steady delivery of oil to the chain for constant lubrication. This ensures that you will have safe and effective use of your chainsaw. A dried-up chain, on the other hand, will result in a higher chance of kickback and will wear out faster.

It features an inertia-activated chain brake for safety, cylinder displacement of 38.2 cc, a power output of 1.88 hp, and a weight of 10.7 lbs before the equipment is installed. Fully assembled, it weighs around 17 lbs. At 9,000 RPM, the chain can move 23.8 m/s at no load.

There is a 300-cc fuel tank capacity and a 200-cc oil tank capacity.

The design is both flexible and attractive. The chainsaw is made of metal and hard plastics. It features handles at the front and rear that are located for comfortable use. There is also a plastic guard in front of the front handle to counter a kickback.

Also, when you’re not using the chainsaw, you can protect the chain with the sturdy bar cover, ensuring that it does not get dirty or rusty.

This model has been known to be difficult to start to the point that users have reported being tired from the effort. In addition, it may then struggle to stay running. However, by tuning the carburetor, this can most likely be alleviated.

Husqvarna 130

Husqvarna 130

The Husqvarna 130 offers a great option for cutting firewood, pruning, and limbing trees but is not the best for felling trees.

It’s like the 120 Mark II in that both offer 38.2 cc motors. The 130 offers slightly more output at 2.0 hp than the 1.88 hp of the 120 Mark II.

Additionally, the 130 comes in at a weight of only 10.36 lbs without its cutting equipment. It offers a chain speed of 16.8 m/s at no load.

The chainsaw features an inertia-activated chain brake, adding to your safety. It also has a LowVib system that causes a major reduction in vibrations through the use of springs. You will experience extreme comfort when using this chainsaw. Also, to make things easier, it has an automatic chain oiler.

It features an air-cooled 2-stroke X-Torq engine. This means that you will have great fuel consumption rates of 725 g/kWh. Additionally, it features reduced exhaust emission levels that follow the strictest environmental regulations in the world.

This chainsaw has a centrifugal air cleaning system so that you will have to perform fewer cleanings and your saw will have a longer life. It also features a combined choke/stop lever.

When it’s cold, it can take up to four pulls to get this chainsaw operating. However, when it’s warm, it will start on the first pull. Like most Husqvarna products, it does require a carburetor adjustment out of the box.


Both chainsaws offer excellent specifications for the casual user. The 120 Mark II offers you lower fuel consumption, reduced vibrations, and a lightweight option for around the house. We recommend this for homeowners looking for a great tool to use in the garden or yard.

On the other hand, the 130 offers reduced vibrations, higher output, and an automatic chain oiler for ease of use. We recommend this chainsaw for homeowners who have lighter work to do around the yard as its cutting speed is lower than the 120 Mark II.

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