JET JWBS-15-3 Review

Wood working band saws are highly versatile tools. They allow you to cut through tough materials like metal or wood in any way you want to. These efficient power tool combines the features of a miter saw, table saw, and a thickness planner. Thus, a band saw can prove to be a great addition if you have a serious workshop.

If you’re ready to upgrade your work space with this tool, there are a lot of band saws to consider. The company ‘Jet’ manufactures high quality band saws and offers industry-leading warranties on them. Thus, today we’re going to review JET JWBS-15-3, which is a top-notch wood working band saw.



The Jet JWBS-15-3 is a heavy duty band saw with cutting capacity of 14 inches. The machine can easily handle bigger boards and allow you to create intricate cuts and smooth edges. It has a steel frame and the heavy duty cast iron fence system gives you the support that is needed for performing various tasks. However, the fence is not perfectly square to the table.

There is a table of size 21-1/5 x 16 x 2 inches and height 35 inches from the floor. Above all, this table has a stress-free magnetic door at the front that allows easy blade changes. Apart from that, there is an easy to read blade tension scale which you can view easily through the upper door window. Also, there is a blade tracking window for having a clear view of blade during tracking.

The Jet band saw features ergonomically designed knobs and cast iron hand-wheels that make adjustments easier. Moreover, the cast iron trunnion is for providing stability and support to the whole machine. In addition, to make the space clutter free, there are dual 4’’ dust collection ports for catching chips and dust.

To accommodate different types of cuts, the table tilts 5 degrees left and 45 degrees to right. Then, we have the handy feature of heavy duty tensioning. The tensioning features three settings which include full tension, partial tension, and full release. Overall, the machine is engineered to build superb projects through efficient performance.

Notable features

  • 14’’ resaw capability for slicing veneers, cutting large pieces of wood, and cutting book matched panels.
  • Single knob adjustment for an easy blade tracking process.
  • Fence system that features a dual-position, micro-adjustable side-plate.
  • Upper and lower ball-bearing guides that are independently adjustable.
  • Maximum stability and support through cast iron trunnion.
  • Round table insert with leveling screws that make sure the adjustment is accurate.
  • Easy to view blade tension scale.
  • Front blade removal through slotted table.

Our recommendation:

Weighing over 350 lbs, this heavy duty band saw is constructed with high quality components. The 14’’ resaw capability offers enough power and leverage to saw through the toughest woods and large pieces with ease. Moreover, the saw is equipped with tool-less blade guide system that saves your time.

With all the work you can do with this band saw, dust collection is another important feature that adds to it. For instance, this feature is really handy if you need a neat surface to work on. That’s why the JET JWBS-15-3 is equipped with dust ports that collect all the debris. In the end, we highly recommend this machine if you’re looking forward to a powerful and smooth performance.

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