Makita lc1230 vs Dewalt dw872 Review

A lot of people are aware that smart shopping for the right tools cannot be done without doing any proper research. Most of the time, people end up just purchasing the very first tool that they see because they do not want to make any effort into finding the right tool thinking that all of the tools are the same. This is not true at all. There are some tools that are equipped with better features that will best fit what people are searching for better. For people who are searching, they would probably come across Makita lc230 and Dewalt dw872 and they cannot help but become confused with which one they should choose. At the end of this article, a resolution may already be made up because of the different facts that will be stated below.

Makita lc1230 vs Dewalt dw872

Makita LC1230 12 Inch Metal Cutting Saw

The Makita LC1230 is known to have a lot of good features which is the main reason why people choose this over all the other metal cutting saws available. It shows power and makes doing different projects far easier than usual. It is ideally used for cutting some materials like iron and pipe.

Advantages of Makita LC1230 12 Inch Metal Cutting Saw

  • This is the type of metal cutting saw used for non ferrous metals because even though some metals are hard to cut, this metal cutting saw delivers. This is probably because of its powerful motor that can be adjusted depending on what is being cut.
  • There are a lot of carbides that are included with each set. For beginners who are not familiar with what carbides are, these are tools that people can use in order to re sharpen the blade. As long as the blade will be re sharpened, it will be very easy for people to go through with their projects. Carbides tend to disintegrate when used though and this is the main reason why the number of carbides present is important.
  • The ergonomics of this machine is also very good. Whenever it would need to be brought from place to place, there is a handle that is available. The handle can also make it easier for the user to use this item for a project for longer periods of time.

Disadvantage of Makita LC1230 12 Inch Metal Cutting Saw

  • The main disadvantage of the Makita LC1230 is the chain. The chain is in charge of making sure that the saw will be transported from one place to another with ease. This means that if the saw falls, it is because of the chain. A pin lock would have made this better and will make the saw more secure during transport.

Dewalt DW872 14 Inch Multi Cutter Saw

  • The hand lock in order to make sure that adjustments that are made with the miter will stay in place while in use is available when people use Dewalt DW872. There is no need to use screws or other types of tools in order to set the hand lock into place.
  • When it comes to the blades of Dewalt, the Makita blades may be considered better because aside from the fact that the blades of the Makit can be re-sharpened so that they can be used again, the blades can last for a long period of time while the blades of Dewalt would need to be replaced after some time because they are disposable. Even worse news is that the blades can be expensive.
  • The art of cutting however has already been mastered by Dewalt DW872. This might be the perfect item to use in order to make perfect cuts each time. There is no need to try re-cutting or re-sanding in order to make the materials smooth, the use of Dewalt DW872 can make things better.

Here are just some of the things that people ought to know about the Makita and the Dewalt. It may be a bit hard to remember all the details but through the facts mentioned above, choosing will become easier and faster.


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