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Makita LW1400 vs LW1401 Review

If you need a product that can handle a wide variety of difficult materials with ease, then a cut-off saw may be for you. Cut-off saws are ideal for harder materials that cannot easily be cut with a traditional saw, such as concrete and tile, as well as some types of metals. Makita makes two very similar cut-off saws, with each having a few differences you should know about. Let’s take a look at both, and see which one would be the best fit for your needs!

Makita LW1400 Cut-Off Saw

Makita LW1400
Makita LW1400

The Makita LW1400 cut-off saw is designed for durability with a motor that can deliver 3,800 RPM for excellent performance. This product comes with a spark guard that is extra-large to assist in protecting you as you work, and keeping your surrounding work area as clean as possible. This spark guard deflects debris for convenience as well.

This product comes with a blade and wheel change that works without a tool via a flange, so removal is very fast and convenient. This product also comes with a fence adjustment that is tool-free, and can adjust up to 45-degrees. This helps you achieve more accurate cuts, as well as comes with 3 locations to accommodate many different types of materials and their sizes.

The Makita LW1400 also comes with a cutting capacity fortubing up to 4 inches by 7-5/8 inches for rectangles, and round stock that is 5-inches. This is accompanied by cutting 4-11/16 inches square tubing as well.

This product has a locking pin in order to transport the Makita LW1400 much easier and safer. A handle for easy transport, and another for easy use, accompany this, as well as a lock off power button. This product also features a vice adjustment that works tool-less, and has a steel base for durability and longevity of the product.

More features of the Makita LW1400 Cut-Off Saw

  • 45 degree fence adjustment
  • 37.9 pounds in weight

Makita LW1401 Cut-Off Saw

Makita LW1401
Makita LW1401

The Makita LW1401 cut-off saw comes with many features that are similar to the previous product, including a motor that can deliver 3,800 RPM to handle difficult workloads with ease. This product also comes with a spark guard that not only protects the user from sparks and debris, but also contains it in an easy to clean area.

This product provides a lock-off power button, as well as a tool less vice grip adjustment to help you work faster and much more efficiently. This is combined with a 45-degree fence adjustment for getting more accurate angled cuts. This fence adjustment has 3 locations to handle a variety of material sizes with ease.

The Makita LW1401 is designed to handle 4 inch to 7-5/8 inches rectangular tubing, as well as 4-11/16 inch square tubing sizes, and a round stock of up to 5 inches. This product also comes with a locking pin to help you transport the product much safer and easier from jobsite to jobsite.

This product comes with a handle that helps you work easily and comfortably, due to its ergonomic design. Another handle comes with this product for more balance when transporting the device. The Makita LW1401 also comes with space in the base for storing a wrench, which is included for your convenience, and comes with a spindle lock for fast wheel changes.

More features of the Makita LW1401 Cut-Off Saw

  • 45 degree fence adjustment
  • 37 pounds in weight


If you need a product that offers a wide cutting capacity, as well as a slightly heavier weight, and a 45-degree fence adjustment, then the Makita LW1400 cut-off saw may be the best saw for you. Alternatively, if you would like a lighter saw, with all the same great features of the LW1400 with the addition of a wrench, then the Makita LW1401 may be the best saw cut-off saw for you. Both of these products come with an abrasive wheel, as well as tool-less adjustments, making either an excellent option for a new cut-off saw!

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