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Ryobi P108 vs P122 Review

If your old batteries aren’t working hard enough for you, check out these two new options here. The batteries below work for all Ryobi ONE+ 18-volt power tools. They have a big capacity of 4.0Ah for longer runtime and more power. Let’s look at them and see which one is the best for you.

Ryobi P108 18-Volt One Plus Lithium Plus High Capacity Battery

ryobi p108

ryobi p108

Many power tools have a high current draw. For example, your cell phone charger probably uses 500mA to 1A. Meanwhile, your drill is probably pulling 2 to 4A. Running your drill off a 1.5Ah battery will give you maybe 15-20 minutes of runtime. When that just isn’t enough, you need a larger capacity battery (or more small-capacity ones).

This P108 has the big capacity you need. It’s packed with 4.0Ah of lithium-ion power. No, that doesn’t translate into 4 hours of drilling. But it does mean that this battery will run up to 4 times longer than the older Ni-Cd batteries did. Ryobi also points out that not only is the runtime longer, the battery gives the tool more torque, or power. Li-ion batteries weigh less than their Ni-Cd counterparts, so that means the tool is lighter, too.

On the front of the P108 is an LED gauge that shows how much charge is left in the battery. This is very helpful! The Ryobi IntelliPort chargers (sold separately) help maintain the LITHIUM+ batteries in top operating condition.

Some additional facts about lithium-ion batteries: They don’t need to be fully discharged before they can be recharged, and they can be left on the charger for conditioning. If they will be stored for longer than 30 days, it’s better if they have just 30-50% charge remaining in them. The P108 will operate a tool in cold weather down to 14 degrees, well below freezing.

More features of the Ryobi P108 battery

  • Ryobi offers a 3-year limited warranty
  • This is a single battery (for a two-pack, see the P122 below)

Ryobi P122 ONE+ 18-Volt Lithium Plus High Capacity 4-Ah Battery (P108 2pk retail package)

ryobi p122

ryobi p122

Truth in advertising…this looks like a whole different battery just because of the part number, right? Nope. The P122 is simply a twin-pack of the P108 battery described above. The deal is that you get double the runtime and power by buying two 4.0Ah batteries instead of just one (although the second battery is free).

What’s not to love? You get two batteries instead of one! You can never have too many batteries. Now you won’t have to wait for the batteries to charge. Put one on the charger, use the other in the tool.

So let’s review the LITHIUM+ battery inside this twin-pack. At 4.0Ah, your power tool will run up to 4 times longer and have up to 35% more power than it did with the older Ni-Cd battery. It will feel lighter in your hand, too. If you’ve been using a lower-capacity Li-ion battery, like the stock 1.5Ah that comes with most of the ONE+ tools, you’ll also see an increase in runtime. There is a fuel gauge right on the front of these batteries that will show the amount of charge left.

The Li-ion batteries in this set can tolerate temperatures well below freezing. If they’re too cold when you put them to charge, the charger will sense that and wait till they warm up a bit. The big danger with Li-ion batteries is extreme heat, so don’t leave them sitting on the dash of your hot car.

If you need to store them for 30 days or longer, it’s best to leave them with 30 to 50% charge left in them. Lithium batteries degrade slowly over time under normal use, so they have an average lifetime of 3 to 5 years. When they’ve finally gone to that great big tool shed in the sky, wrap their contact points with tape and drop them off for recycling or safe disposal. Many hardware stores collect them,or your local landfill can tell you where you can leave them.

More features of the Ryobi P122 batteries

  • Ryobi offers a 3-year limited warranty (the standard length of time from most power tool manufacturers for lithium-ion batteries)


How much do you need? Is one battery, the P108 by itself, going to be enough? Can you wait for it to recharge before each use? If so, get the P108 single battery.

If you want full power for as long as possible on your tools, get the P122 twin-pack. Ryobi is offering the second battery for free.

Click here to purchase Ryobi P108 on Amazon!


Click here to purchase Ryobi P122 on Amazon!