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SUNKKO 709A vs 709AD Review

If you need a product that has great portability and can help you with heavy-duty jobs, you may need a spot welder. Spot welders are ideal for joining parts and metals together quickly and easily. Sunkko has two spot welders on the market right now that carry many of the same features, but each has a few key differences you should be aware of before purchase. Let’s take a look at both, and determine which has the specifications that would work the best for you!

Sunkko 709A Spot Welder


The Sunkko 709A spot welder weighs 15.6 pounds, making it easy to carry from jobsite to jobsite. This product can weld nickel or lead sheets, circuit boards, and wire mesh. This product also can solder, but can only do so between 150 and 450 degrees Celsius.

This spot welder can work stationary and comes with an attachable welding pen. This product also comes with an anti-static soldering pen for your additional convenience. The Sunkko 709A has a pressure of 300 to 500 g to make using the product much faster.

The Sunkko 709A features 2 to 18 welding pulses for your convenience, as well as up to 8 current options. This product also comes with a foot pedal, as well as a pressure regulated spot-welding head and a current regulator. This product also comes with temperature regulation.

This spot welderis designed for battery welding, which makes it extra portable and easy to work with. An LED light is built into this product for additional use during nighttime hours or in dark spaces. This product comes with a stand for the soldering pen, as well as 2 sets of copper welding rods, 2 fuses, and 4 different sizes of nickel in 30 separate pieces each.

More features of the Sunkko 709A Spot Welder

  • 800A maximum welding current

Sunkko 709AD Spot Welder


Similar to the previous product, the Sunkko 709AD spot welder comes with a light weight of 14.7 pounds for easy travel convenience. This product can work with tin, copper wire, and a variety of other metals that you may encounter on the jobsite. This product’s solder temperatures are also similar at 150 to 450 degrees Celsius.

This welder also similarly comes with a welding pen and an anti-static soldering pen for your convenience, as well as a logarithmic display for pulse and energy output. This product has a thermal design to protect the product and help it last longer. The Sunkko 709AD also comes with LED lights that allow you to work in areas with minimal light easily.

The Sunkko 709AD comes with 2 to 16 welding pulses, and has a knob for easy pulse control. This product also comes with a microcomputer chip that helps provide precision pulses to make your welding more consistent and accurate. This is accompanied by fixed spot welding capabilities, as well as mobile welding capabilities to help you work in a variety of environments with ease.

This spot welder comes with a foot pedal for additional control and variation. The Sunkko 709AD also comes with balance in the pressure of the welding pen, to help you deliver professional results every time. This product comes with an electric ion sheet, 2 fuses, 50 pieces of nickel plating, a bent-handle spanner, and a small welding needle, alumina copper welding needle, and an electric needle for grinding.

More features of the Sunkko 709AD Spot Welder

  • 750A maximum welding current


If you need a welder that offers a maximum welding current of 800A, as well as up to 18 welding pulses and a variety of different nickel pieces that accompany the product, then the Sunkko 709A may be the best spot welder for you. Alternatively, if you need a product that offers a lighter weight, with a microcomputer chip to add more control and 16 welding pulses, then the Sunkko 709AD may be a better choice for you. Both of these products come with a foot pedal, soldering pen, and a welding pen, making either of these products an excellent choice!

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