Voxelab Proxima vs ELEGOO Mars 2 Pro Review

As 3D printing has become more accessible to users over the last few years.  Voxelab Proxima and ELEGOO Mars 2 Pro are two desktop 3D resin printers that offer excellent features.  We will be comparing the two based on build volume, screen resolution, and slicing software compatibility.  We will base our recommendation on user skill levels as well as project needs.

Voxelab Proxima

Voxelab Proxima

The Proxima offers many different features that are sure to please any user.  It offers a 6-inch monochrome screen, efficient manual bed leveling, and a medium build volume.

Voxelab also includes almost everything needed for printing in the box with the Proxima.  Users will only have to obtain 405 nm resin, isopropanol, extra gloves, paper towels, an FFP2 mask, a reusable resin filter, and PTFE lubricant. 

Monochrome Screen

The Proxima features a 6.0-inch monochrome screen.  It has a lifespan of up to 2,000 hours.  It offers a fast-curing time of 1 – 5 seconds per layer.  The screen has even illumination across its entire surface to aid in uniform curing.

The 6-inch screen offers a 2K resolution of 2560 x 1620 pixels.  This results in a pixel size of 50 microns and a minimum layer thickness of 0.025 mm. 

Print Volume

The print volume is 130 x 82 x 150 mm.  This means users can print medium-sized prints with no problem.  Larger prints can also be created but they will have to be printed in sections and assembled.

Bed Leveling

The printer does require manual bed leveling.  However, users will not have to level after every print.  Instead, the leveling will hold for quite some time.  The next leveling will not have to be done until the user notices that the bed is crooked, or the object is not adhering to the bed.

The resin tank is designed for easy assembly and easy cleaning.  One corner is specially shaped to allow for the pouring out of excess resin.  The back edge of the tank features a maximum fill line for guidance on filling the tank to avoid spills.

Other Features

The Proxima comes equipped with 405 nm UV LEDs. Because of this, it is compatible with most resins. 

The Proxima is compatible with a variety of slicers.  These include VoxelPrint, ChiTuBox, and Lychee slicer.  VoxelPrint is Voxelab’s software.  It is based on FlashForge’sFlashPrint.

The FEP film on the bottom of the resin tank will only last for approximately 20 – 30 prints.  It is easily replaced with the process only taking a few minutes.  Users will need to keep some spare film on hand as accidents may happen, requiring immediate replacement of the film.

The UI is a 3.5-inch touchscreen.  It is very responsive and offers excellent menu navigation.

ELEGOO Mars 2 Pro

ELEGOO Mars 2 Pro

Like the Proxima, the Mars 2 Pro comes with almost everything users will need to get started printing.  They will only need to obtain a few consumables to get down to printing.  They both offer smaller print volumes.

The resin vat on the Mars 2 Pro is not the typical plastic and is instead metal.  The base has a groove that allows the resin vat to self-locate, sitting flush with the masking LCD.  A problem that arises from this setup is that the vat is perfectly adjacent to the FEP film. This makes it difficult to lay the vat down without placing pressure on the film.

The Mars Pro 2 features a single, powerful UV lamp as a light source for its 2560 x 1620 pixel 6-inch LCD.  This results in the XY pixels being 50 microns.  The Z accuracy is 0.00125 mm.  Print speeds are 30 – 500 mm/hour.  The printer features a build volume of 130 x 82 x 60 mm.

This printer runs on ChiTuBox slicing software.  The printer profile comes already set in the slicer.  The Mars 2 Pro benefits from the software’s lightweight .cbt file extension, making it fast to slice and write files.  However, it does struggle a bit when dealing with large prints or those full of intricacies.

Because of the Mars 2 Pro’s monochrome LCD, the printer can achieve quicker layer cure times.  While non-monochrome printers will average a 6-second per layer curing time, the Mars 2 Pro comes in as low as 1-2 seconds per layer.  Another benefit of the LCD is its long lifespan of thousands of hours.

Our Recommendation

While both printers offer excellent features, we must break down the differences before users make a purchasing commitment.  The Proxima features bed leveling that holds, a responsive UI, and the ability to use multiple different slicing software.  This is an excellent 3D resin printer for beginners and will hold some interest for more advanced users as well.

On the other hand, the Mars 2 Pro offers access to ChiTuBox slicing software, excellent resolution, and a metal resin vat.  We recommend this printer for beginners.

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