Weller WD1001 vs WD1002 Review

Weller is known for making dependable and precise soldering irons. The two soldering stations described below heat up and recover in a just a few seconds, and they offer wide range of temperatures you can control digitally. Let’s review them both so you can choose the best one for you.

Weller WD1001 95w/120v Digital Single Channel Silver Series Soldering Station

weller wd1001
weller wd1001

The WD1 digital station is the base unit of both the WD1001 kit here and the WD1002 below. With 95 watts of power, it heats up the soldering iron in 10 to 12 seconds. After soldering a connection, the iron recovers almost instantly. If you’ve been using a low-powered iron, you’ll be impressed at how much faster you can work with the WD1001.

The station has three preset buttons that can each remember a pre-programmed temperature. Above each button the LCD display shows what the preset is. It’s simpler to switch between the presets than to use the arrow buttons to set the temperature each time.

The middle of the screen reveals the actual measured temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. It can also display the time and announce when the iron is at the desired temperature.

Like other Weller stations, this one has auto power-off, but it’s programmable. There is also an option for temperature offset for using tips with higher mass.

The included WMP soldering iron comes with an NT1 series micro-tip. This kind of iron and tip are ideal for surface mount work. The heating element is inside the handle, not the tip, so replacement tips aren’t too expensive. The iron’s power cord unplugs from the station for compact storage.

The WDH20 stand that holds the iron tilts into four different positions, from 30° to 80°. It comes with a sponge for wiping the iron after use. (For an even classier setup, check out what comes with the stand described below.)

More features of the Weller WD1001

  • Protected against electro-static discharges
  • Temperature range selectable between 150° to 850° F
  • Temperature accurate to +/-17° F and stable to +/-10° F
  • Wireless lockout—use magnetized probe to lock in the desired temperature
  • Weller offers a 1-year limited warranty

Weller WD1002 95w/120v Digital Soldering Station with WP80 Pencil

weller wd1002
weller wd1002

Since the WD1002 comes with the same digital station as the WD1001, it is the iron and stand that makes the two kits different. The WD1 station puts out enough power for the iron to heat up in just 12 seconds or less, and then recovers quickly so you can work faster. The LCD display shows what the working temperature is and whether the iron is ready to use. It also has three preset buttons that remember pre-programmed temperatures. You can set it to anywhere between 150 and 850 degrees Fahrenheit.

The soldering iron, or “pencil,” as Weller calls it, is the WP80 with an LTB screwdriver-point tip. The 3/32” widetip is larger than the micro tip that comes with the iron in the WD1001 station kit. The cord unplugs from the station so you can switch irons if needed.

The WDH10 is similar to the one in the previous kit in that it adjusts to four different angles to hold the iron. But the included accessory is a ball of brass wool, and that’s a much better option for cleaning the tip. It doesn’t cause the tip temperature to dip as much as a damp sponge does, and it doesn’t contribute to tip oxidation.

More features of the Weller WD1002

  • Temperature accurate to +/-17° F and stable to +/-10° F
  • Wireless lockout—use magnetized probe to lock in the desired temperature
  • ESD-safe
  • Weller offers a 1-year limited warranty


If you’re serious about soldering, and you’ve been using a simple, low-wattage, one-temperature iron, either the WD1001 or WD1002 will be an excellent upgrade for you. These stations offer digital temperature control and a wide range from 150 to 850 degrees. The irons have replaceable tips.

The advantage to the WD1002 over the WD1001 is the included brass wool tip cleaner. But this is an item that you can purchase separately.

The advantage of the WD1001 over the WD1002 is the included iron with micro tip. If you want to do a lot of surface mount soldering, you’ll be ready to start on it right away.

If you plan to do a lot of SMT work, get the WD1002. Otherwise, the WD1001 is a great tool for through-hole soldering.

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