Baileigh BS-128M Review

When you need to cut irregular shapes for a special project or to reutilize some wood you have laying around, you need a bandsaw. This tool is necessary for any woodshop to complete intricate designs on complex pieces. Baileigh offers a versatile bandsaw, the BS-128M, to meet the needs of woodworkers.

BS-128M 110V Metal Cutting Band Saw

Baileigh BS-128M

The Baileigh BS-128M is a horizontal bandsaw. You can either run it as a pivot style bandsaw in the standard horizontal position or you can switch things up and make it a vertical bandsaw. This is made possible by tilting the head 90 degrees and locking it into place. This is very useful when you are trying to complete intricate designs.

The bandsaw features hydraulically controlled descent. This produces clean cuts and reduces the amount of effort required by the operator. Its head miters 60 degrees. Bearing blade guides are included.

It can handle cutting round stock that is up to 5 inches and rectangle stock that is up to 6 inches at 90 degrees. Several other shapes and profiles can also be tackled. The saw has a step pulley that controls the three blade speed options. Its blade speed options range from 78 up to 200 fpm.

The BS-128M is very similar to the Baileigh BS-127P; however, it offers hydraulic descent where the BS-127P does not. The BS-127P does offer a higher maximum speed but they both offer the same mitering capabilities.

The cast iron saw head and bow offer an excellent vibration reduction. This in turn helps maintain the accuracy of cuts.

The saw supports standard ½ inch blades. It features a stop rod to help make repeatable cuts on small runs. The adjustable bearing blade guides will move as close as possible to the material you are working with to ensure the saw produces accurate cuts.

The BS-128M has a steel plate framework that is fully welded. This design offers excellent stability and will guarantee that this saw lasts for many years. It comes with a steel work stand that has wheels for portability.

It features a ¾ HP motor.

The shipping weight is 330 pounds so you will need assistance with the unboxing and setup. Assembly can be a bit tricky and may take up to two hours to complete.

While the saw only comes with a 1-year warranty, you will never be left out in the cold because it is backed by lifetime technical support via phone.

Users have reported that the stock saw is not up to standard when it comes to cutting metal and that you will need to find a replacement to make the most of your bandsaw. Buying a standard-size blade will work fine and get your saw running as it should.


It’s clear that the BS-128M offers many great features from its ability to switch from horizontal to vertical to its welded steel plate framework. Its superior cutting capabilities make it an excellent choice for any woodworking shop. We recommend this bandsaw for hobbyists as well as owners of a home shop because of its versatility.

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