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Bosch GST 140 vs 150 Review

Bosch was the first tool manufacturer to develop the power jigsaw. They continue to produce models with some of the best features on the market. Let’s examine two of their top pro jigsaws to see which one suits the work you do.

Bosch GST 140 BCE Professional Jigsaw

Bosch GST 140

Bosch GST 140

While the Bosch has officially stopped production of the GST 140, it’s still available for sale. This particular model is suited for the European market as its 720W motor runs on 220V electricity.

Why has the bow grip GST 140 jigsaw been a popular product? There are a number of reasons. One is the variable speed trigger that’s large enough for two fingers to hold. You can use the dial to select a stroke speed between 800 – 2800spm, then use the trigger for fine-tuning the velocity of the blade. The Constant Electronics system keeps the speed steady under load, even when cutting tough materials.

In fact, the GST 140 also has controllable blade pendulum action that moves the blade back and forth to help you cut through harder materials faster. You can choose from 3 or 4 stage action.

Another handy feature is the dual roller guide system which protects the blade from bending and drifting away from where you want to cut. The SDS blade changing system also prevents wobble, plus it lets you eject a hot blade without having to touch it.

As you work, the dust extraction system keeps your workspace clear of debris. It sucks dust into an attached bag or into a dust extraction system like a shopvac. And the low vibration rating helps you cut smoothly with less risk to your hands and wrists over time.

More features of the Bosch GST 140 Jigsaw:

  • Weighs 2.3kg
  • Cut depth in wood: 140mm; cut depth in aluminum: 20mm; cut depth in non-alloyed steel: 10mm
  • Vibration rating 7m/s2 in wood


Bosch GST 150 BCE Professional Jigsaw

Bosch GST 150

Bosch GST 150

While the GST 140 isn’t being produced anymore, the GST 150 BCE is still rolling out of Bosch’s factory and in high demand. Again, this is a product designed for use in Europe because it requires 220V.

The GST 150 has a slightly more powerful 780W motor that allows for a deeper cut in wood, up to 150mm in depth. It also has selectable 3 or 4-stage pendulum action for faster cutting, plus a wider range of stroke speeds.

Choose a setting from 500 to 3100spm with the dial, pull the trigger, and let the onboard electronics deal with maintaining a constant speed while you work. The built-in dust extraction system will keep your workspace clear of debris so you can see where you’re cutting. It also keeps the tool from being damaged from exposure to too much dust.

When you need to swap blades, the Bosch SDS clamping system lets you eject the old one and insert a new one in seconds. You don’t even need to touch the hot blade at all. The same SDS system also increases cutting precision by preventing blade wobble and bending.

There are two other benefits to using the GST 150 BCE saw. One is the bow grip handle that is ergonomically shaped and coated. It provides a nonslip grip and transmits less vibration. Of course, less vibration is vital to precision cutting and the long-term health of the saw’s user.

And finally, the 4-meter-long power cable is a nice touch as it allows you to work without using an extension cord. It’s mounted at the rear of the jigsaw in such a way that it stays clear of where you’re working.

More features of the Bosch GST 150 BCE Jigsaw:

  • Weighs 2.7kg
  • Cut depth in wood: 150mm; cut depth in aluminum: 20mm; cut depth in non-alloyed steel: 10mm; stroke length 26mm
  • Vibration rating 7m/s2in wood



If you like the GST 140 professional jigsaw, you may find it for sale at very reasonable prices since it’s no longer officially produced by Bosch. It’s a little lighter in heft than the GST 150 BCE.

Otherwise, you may prefer the Bosch GST 150 BCE jigsaw because it offers a wider range of stroke speeds, a more powerful motor, and a deeper depth of cut in wood.

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