Makita MAC2400 vs MAC5200 Review

If you’re used to air compressors, you probably know that horsepower isn’t nearly as important as how much air it provides and air tank size. The cfm (cubic-feet-per-minute) rating means the difference betweenhaving enough air pressure to work, or wasting time waiting for the compressor to catch up to you. These two from Makita are all about having enough power for your tools while running as quietly and coolly as possible. Let’s look at them both and see which one will be the best for you.

Makita MAC2400 Big Bore 2.5 HP Air Compressor

Makita MAC2400
Makita MAC2400

If you’re working with a partner, you’ll want two air hose outlets. The MAC2400 offers that right up front. It holds 4.2 gallons of air in its twin tanks, and it provides 4.2cfm at 90psi. This is exactly the type of compressor needed for basic sprayers, caulk guns, air hammers, ¼” ratchets, and nailers.

The tank is made of rugged cast iron, a durable feature that a lot of pros like to have. The compressor motor is protected by a compact roll cage with rubber feet and a cushioned carrying handle. Unfortunately, it weighs 77 pounds, quite a bit to haul around by hand.

What other specs make this a great compressor? The fact that it operates at 79 decibels, which is quiet for this type of machine, and below OSHA recommendations for all-day work. This feature is highlighted by most satisfied users’ reviews. Makita says they made it quiet by reducing the motor rpm down to 1730. That helps extend the lifetime of the motor.

Another way Makita protects the motor is with thelarge, round, automotive-style air filter that needs to be installed before the compressor’s first use. The filter is easy to access to clean or replace.

The oiling that the compressor pump requires also extends its life. There is an oil sight glass to see the level, and a drain valve for when it’s time to remove or change the oil. The air tanks also have a ball valve to drain the water that tends to condense inside them. The air tank drain valve is like a faucet to use, not the old style that needed pliers to open.

More features of the Makita MAC2400 air compressor

  • Draws 12.3Amps of current, 2.5HP maximum power
  • Comes with ¼” universal male coupler and a small bottle of oil
  • Makita offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year limited warranty

Makita MAC5200 Big Bore 3.0 HP Air Compressor

Makita MAC5200
Makita MAC5200

If you have larger power needs, like for framing nailers or ½” impact wrench, the MAC5200 might be what you’re seeking. It also provides air outlets for running two tools at once just like the MAC2400. The best part is that it is rated for 6.5cfm at 90psi. Run two framing nailers at once—it doesn’t care, and it keeps up. The top air pressure it offers is 140psi.

Since the MAC5200 weighs even more than the previous compressor, Makita gave it a roll cage with two wheels in the back and rubber feet in the front. The rear handle extends so the compressor can be pushed or pulled like a dolly. The handle has four hooks for winding up cord or hanging tools.

Like the MAC2600, this bigger compressor is also lubricated by oil, which means it has an oil sight glass and a drain valve. The 5.2-gallon air tank also has a water drain valve that’s easy to use to get condensation out before it rusts the cast iron. Makita made these two compressors as easy to maintain as possible.

Note that this compressor is significantly louder than the MAC2400. It operates at 90 decibels, so it would be best to wear ear protection or place it in another room.

More features of the Makita MAC5200 air compressor

  • Weighs 88 pounds
  • Draws 13.8Amps
  • Comes with ¼” universal male coupler and a small bottle of oil
  • Makita offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year limited warranty


If you have moderate power needs, like for basic sprayers, ¼” impact wrenches, or nailers, consider getting the MAC2400. It’s quiet enough to have nearby, eliminating the need for long hoses. It has a lower current draw and a compact design.

If you need more power, like for ½” impact wrenches, speed saws, commercial sprayers, or framing nailers, consider getting the MAC5200. It’s heavier and noisier, but relatively easy to transport thanks to the dolly-type setup.

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