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Powermatic 64B vs PM1000 Review

When you compare the Powermatic 64B versus the PM 1000, you’re evaluating a contractor saw against a cabinet saw. Let’s examine the similarities and differences between them.

Powermatic 64B

Powermatic 64B

The 64B looks like a contractor saw with cabinet saw features. It’s powerful but can be finely tuned for precision woodworking. Since it runs on 115V electricity, there’s no need for a special setup.

The 1.75Hp motor with 3800rpm and a 50-inch rip capacity are sufficient for pros and hobbyists alike. It runs through soft woods like butter and can handle hardwoods up to 1.5-inches thick.

Moreover, the saw comes with safety features like a quick-release riving knife and the Accu-Fence system that locks to the rail.

The removable fence is similar to the one that comes on cabinet saws like the PM1000. What’s nice is that you don’t need to lubricate it like an aluminum fence because it’s made of durable, smooth HDPE plastic with a steel core.

As for the two-part riving knife, it allows for making grooves and dados. Also, you can remove and install the blade guard and knives without using tools.

The 64B has another similarity with a cabinet saw: it has cast iron tables with beveled edges and cast-iron wings. The extra weight stabilizes it plus the precision-ground metal isn’t prone to warping or denting. (However, the extension table isn’t cast-iron.)

As for the metal handles for the blade height and bevel adjustments, they are a pleasure to use and they stay locked in place once set. The micro-adjustment miter gauge permits wide crosscuts, too.

If there’s any downside to the 64B, it’s that the built-in dust collection isn’t perfect. But with all these features plus a five-year warranty, it’s a solid choice.

Other details:

  • 7-foot power cord
  • Noise level 85 dB under load
  • Maximum table working surface with extensions 44-1/4” L x 27” W

Powermatic PM1000

Powermatic PM1000

The PM1000 is a cabinet saw that’s more compact than the 64B. It’s ideal for a small workshop since it runs on household voltage.

What’s more, it’s sturdy and stable with a cast-iron work surface with beveled edges plus reduced vibration from the Poly-V belt drive system. (If you notice that the saw is struggling to cut hardwood, just tighten the poly-vinyl belt.)

With 1.75Hp, 4200rpm, and a 10-inch blade, it cuts faster than the 64B, but it has a smaller rip capacity of 30 inches total (on the right side of the blade).

Meanwhile, the overall maximum depth of cut is 3-1/8-inches or an inch less at a 45° angle. The low-profile riving knife provides an 8-inch diameter capacity for dados, too.

Like the 64B, the PM1000 includes the Powermatic Accu-Fence that stays firmly locked into place and doesn’t require frequent lubrication.

As for adjustments, they are nearly effortless. The miter gauge pivots 60° to either side and it’s pleasant to use the polished metal 7-inch hand wheels to adjust the angle and height. The settings lock into place and stay put.

Furthermore, it’s easy to change blades one-handed because of the arbor lock – but you’ll still need tools. However, the guard assembly is toolless and the power switch can be turned off and on with a knee.

The dust collection is about average. Just remember to clean the cabinet every so often as debris may build up inside.

The Centennial Collection version of the PM1000 includes handy extras like 3 saw blades, a push stick, and an anti-fatigue mat. It’s covered by a 5-year warranty.

Other details:

  • Table size 20” L x 27” W
  • Table height from floor 34-1/4”
  • Total weight 393.8 lbs


Both saws are highly recommended for professional and hobbyist woodworkers. It may take a few hours to set them up, but they run on household electricity.

If you have the space and want the larger rip capacity, we suggest the Powermatic 64B. It can handle up to 50 inches, considerably more than the PM1000.

Otherwise, the PM1000 is compact, speedy, and equally powerful. It has an advantage in that it’s designed to be low-vibration and that’s good news for precision and the user’s health. Plus, the Centennial package includes convenient extras.

In the end, both saws are manufactured by a reputable American brand and are covered by an extensive warranty. It’s straightforward to obtain the manuals online, purchase replacement parts, and contact customer service for support.

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