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DEWALT DWP849X vs Makita 9227C Review

These two polishers are what you’ll want for high-performance shine on metals, fiberglass, and masonry. Let’s review their features and see which one will be the best for detailing your next project.



Makita 9227C

Makita 9227C









DEWALT DWP849X 7-Inch/9-Inch Variable Speed Polisher with Soft Start

This DEWALT polisher has been a favorite of auto detailers for a few years. The DWP849X has proven to be a durable tool with a lot of positive reviews.


It weighs 6.7 pounds, not too much even for hours of work. It has a rubber-molded trigger grip and two other handles that can be alternately installed so you always have the most comfortable hold and best control possible. This beats out the Makita which only provides a bale handle. There are also rubber bumpers on the DEWALT gear case to keep the polisher from marring the work-piece.


Some of the best features of the DWP849X are its variable-speed trigger and two-speed motor. Both are completely usable even when you’re wearing gloves. The two-speed selector dial has detents to make it stick where you put it. The soft start takes the polisher up to speed slowly. Once you’ve reached the rpms you want, the polisher sustains the speed even under load. You can lock the trigger and keep it there. That really saves strain on the fingers and makes for a smoother finish.


There are a couple of other nice things about the DWP849X. DEWALT made the polisher compatible with third-party disks and sponges. It can accept not just 7-inch but also up to 9-inch diameter pads. The Makita polisher only accepts up to 7-inches.


More features of the DEWALT 849X polisher


  • 12Amp motor, 1250 unit watts out of power
  • Two-speed selector dial: 0-600rpm and 0-3500rpm
  • Two-finger trigger
  • Spindle thread is 5/8”
  • Wool ingestion shields protect the motor from debris and can be cleaned by the user
  • Carbon brushes can also be inspected and replaced by the user
  • DEWALT includes a side handle, bale handle, and a hook-and-loop backing pad in the box
  • DEWALT covers the polisher with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee, a 1-year free service contract, and a 3-year limited warranty


Makita 9227C 7-Inch Hook and Loop Electronic Polisher/Sander

The Makita 9227C also has a lot of positive reviews. Makita created a polisher that easily doubles as a sander. The 9227Conly accepts up to 7-inch disks but the polisher works with third-party accessories. You can sand a surface with the 9227C, paint it, then finish detailing it with the samepolisher. This saves on having to buy separate tools for various functions.


Makita made the 9227C a precise tool with more settings on the speed dial than the DEWALT 849X offers. There are six different selections beginning at 0-600rpm, then 0-900rpm, and so on up to 0-3000rpm. The trigger lock and electronic speed control keep the polisher working at the same speed even under load. Makita also gave the 9227C a soft start like DEWALT did with its 849X.


Maybe you’ve never felt it, but sometimes polishers build up static charge and shock the user. DEWALT only warns the user about it, but Makita grounded the 9227C with a three-prong plug so this is very unlikely to happen to their users.

More features of the Makita 9227C


  • All speed dial selections are as follows; 0-600, 0-900, 0-1500, 0-2100, 0-2700, and
  • 0-3000rpm
  • 10Amp motor
  • 5/8” spindle
  • Carbon brushes can be changed by the user
  • Trigger lock button conveniently located above trigger for one-handed operation
  • Weighs only 6.6 pounds, slightly less than the DEWALT 849X
  • Makita includes a bale (or loop) handle, a hook-and-loop pad, and a hex wrench in the box
  • Makita offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a 1-year limited warranty




If you’ve got a demanding project that requires precise control, consider the Makita 9227C. The trigger lock features on both polishers only works at the top speed of each gear settings. While both polishers are variable speed, the 9227C allows the user to choose a variety of top rpm settings. The DEWALT 849X only has two.


The Makita 9227C is slightly lighter in weight than the DEWALT 849X but the DEWALT polisher has more handle options for a secure grip right out of the box.


Although the DEWALT 849X can technically function as a sander, Makita actively promotes this feature of the 9227C. Keep in mind that neither polisher comes with a bonnet.


The DEWALT 849X is the more powerful polisher of the two, with a 12Amp motor and a higher top speed of 3500rpm.


Finally, for cautious folks, DEWALT offers the best satisfaction guarantee and longest warranty.


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