Snapmaker 2.0 A350T Review

With users finding a need for 3D printers, laser engravers, and CNC carving machines, to save space and money, they are turning towards units that offer two or more of these features in one.  Being cost-effective and space-saving on the desktop, the Snapmaker 2.0 A350T is a versatile 3-in-1 unit. Snapmaker 2.0 A350T: 3D Printing, … Read more

ELEGOO Neptune 2 vs Ender 3

Two excellent desktop FDM 3D printer kits are the ELEGOO Neptune 2 and the Creality Ender 3.  Both printers offer fantastic features, however, we will be comparing the two based on filament run-out sensor, UI, and assembly.  We will base our recommendation on user skill level and project needs. ELEGOO Neptune 2 The Neptune 2 … Read more


The Tronxy XY-3 SE is a 3-in-1 hybrid.  It combines single-color 3D printing, dual-color 3D printing, and laser engraving all in one device.  Users can easily switch between which type of work they want to perform. The printer features a highly responsive UI that is easy to use, a modest build volume, and a thermally … Read more

MINGDA Magician X Review

The MINGDA Magician X is an FDM 3D printer.  It offers many great features such as double extrusion, a Carborundum glass platform, and a resume print function.  Equipped with a silent motherboard combined with TMC2209 silent steppers, the printer offers faster computing speed, a smoother system, and more accurate and silent printing.  Features like automatic … Read more


The JGAURORA A8 is a personal, large-format FDM 3D printer.  It ships fully assembled and operates with plug-and-play technology.  It features temperature control technology; an automatic, dual feeding motor system; and a massive build volume. This printer has a closed-box frame made of quality, durable metal.  This makes it stable and safe.  Prints will be … Read more

Artillery Genius-Pro vs Sidewinder X2 Review

Artillery offers two desktop FFF 3D printers, the Genius-Pro and the Sidewinder X2.  Both printers offer exceptional features.  We are going to compare the two based on build volume, safety, and stability.  We will base our recommendation on project needs as this will be the biggest deciding factor between the two models. Artillery Genius-Pro The … Read more